Whose Spirit Motivated Samson To Kill & Destroy?


Evil OT playlist: Old Testament Evil God – YouTube

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Hi Michael,

Without a shadow of a doubt, Samson was utterly demon possessed. I have a teaching on this with the link above and the presentation is attached. The problem we have in general is that we’ve never had the Old Testament correctly positioned to us. To oversimplify, here is what the Old Testament really is:

  1. The fall of man in which Satan received (stole) authority over man and earth and became the god of this world.
  2. The OT chronicles the rule & reign of the god of this world.
  3. The OT “testifies of Jesus” – it has a prophecy of a coming redeemer to set us free from the evil lord.
  4. The OT is not Jesus / Father ruling & reigning. Multiple times Jesus commented about “the ruler of this world” and even the devil tempted Jesus to give Him authority in the earth.
  5. The OT contains our Father speaking & guiding us, but His words are mingled together with the god of this world’s words, thus we have contradiction and confusion.
  6. The OT is best understood as a “type and shadow” of the true things that were coming with Christ. For example, the god of this world dealt with sin by killing the bodies of sinners. That is a type & shadow of “our old man being crucified with Christ.” The law was not the real thing – but a type and shadow. Even Samson was a “type & shadow of savior/Christ.” Etc…

Here is a summary table from the Samson presentation which correlates Samson with other demon possessed people.

God bless you!


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