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Re: The Real Meaning of John 14:1, 2…”I go to prepare a place for you…to build mansions for you in heaven.”

Dearly Beloved,

The Lord spoke to me about the word “Place” and also “Mansion” in John 14:1, 2. It does not mean that Jesus went back to His Father to begin building mansions or palaces, houses or rooms, etc. It is much better than that. Nor would it take 2000+ years to accomplish that since he created/built the world in 6 days.

Christ is our Advocate or Lawyer. So, He is up there in the court scent or session of the universe, the same as in the time of Job. Why? Because He is interceding on our behalf. The book of Hebrews is hinting at that concept all the way through.

The word Place means “standing” or “position” and Mansion means “Room” or “position” or standing also.

Therefore what Jesus was telling His disciples was that He was going up to His Father to become our Intercessor and/or advocate in order to plead our case before the UNIVERSAL COUNCIL, as in the time and case of Job. He is trying to “Prepare” a position or job and the right circumstances and condition for the Elect, first of all and then the 144,000 second and finally the Great Multitude…see Rev 7 and 14.

So what will our job or position be? It depends on how much we let the Holy Ghost teach us here and now in these last final years before the last 7 years begin which will be the end or close of probation as we know it and the most terrible Time of Trouble finally begins. Our characters are being formed now via pain and suffering which opens our minds and hearts, as we praise Him for our trials, so that the Holy Ghost Shekinah can program our minds with all the info we will need during the last 7 years and then to take our appointed place in the position Jesus and His Shekinah are preparing for us in consultation with the Father and the heavenly council.

There are three groups who will be translated in sequence of time when Jesus comes in the near future. Rev 19 and 20 indicate the Elect will be His High Command army as well as His priests and kings during the last 3 1/2 years and then the 1000 years as well.

So, what do you think of that. ? Whatever suffering we have to go thru Paul says that it will worth it as it is a Light Affliction. Rom 8. More later.


P.S. When the Shekinah told me last Spring that I was to sell my house where I had lived since 1998 because the work for God’s professed people in the USA was “Finished,” I was totally shocked and did not want to believe it. I argued with the Lord even though His Shekinah kept saying, “Michael, it is Finished…you must leave now and move to the Philippines.” I wept after the 5th time as it was so strong and powerful and final. “Michael, the ministry of Grace has ended for the SDA Church here in the USA and now the ministry of Wrath will soon begin.” It will begin via economic disasters after the USA invades Syria and then Iran to destroy it the same as they have destroyed Iraq. See Dan 8:8…that Notable Horn represents the USA. Just as my Chicago trip last November was very fast/quick and then our mission trip to Africa was done quickly opening up all of Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania to a Swahili translation of INTO THE FATHER’S HEART so this move to the Philippines was also done quickly and fast — Lightning Spiritual War — Blitzkrieg — remember when the term was coined in 1939/1940 after Hitler invaded Poland? It was quick and fast. By the Spring, Summer and Fall Germany and Japan were destroyed as military powers. Then the USSR and the USA became the two super powers….then a period of growth for USA Churches and also prosperity and then the 60s and finally the 70’s….the character of God message beginning in 1976-1977….books and pamphlets being written and published….100,000 alone of “INTO THE FATHER’S HEART” since 1982 and world wide coverage on the internet since 2000 — http://godslastcallministries.org

And then a period of quiet grown in the Philippines — over 10,000 IFH alone in the Philippines since 2008 — now the permanent move here in Sept of 2013 — The message is going very fast — rapidly — are you aware my friend? Are you keeping up with it? Don’t miss out and cry as so many will soon be crying, “THE HARVEST IS PAST, THE SUMMER IS ENDED AND WE ARE NOT SAVED.” JER 8:20.


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