How Will Christ Come? The Manner of His Coming & What Will Precede His Coming

In order to answer your questions about the Return of Christ, as most Christians have understood it since the middle of the 19th century, I would have to write a thick book just to expose the false theories that have come forth in the last 60 years or so. However, let me see if I can cover this topic in a few paragraphs as an introduction to my article on the STAGES OF HIS COMING.

The first one is the RAPTURE THEORY, which was popularized by Hal Lindsey’s book: THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH. It is also known as THE SECRET RAPTURE. This has become the most popular belief or concept of how Christ will return to rescue the church out of this present evil world system. Almost all Pentecostal and Evangelical groups believe this particular doctrine.

Of course, I believe that this is a very big deception because that is not what the Bible actually teaches. But neither is the traditional concept of the Second Coming taught by all others correct, which is, that Christ will suddenly appear and destroy all of the wicked who are trying to kill the righteous Remnant. Then Jesus will take this small Remnant up to heaven, rescuing them from the seven last plagues.Roblox Hack No Survey No Download

This is what I was raised to believe and taught as a pastor-evangelist all my life until I began to study more deeply into the topic of the character message which led me into the Seven Levels of the character of God message during the 1990’s and since.

So, let’s begin to try and understand the real truth about the final events which will culminate first of all in 1. The translation of the Elect. 2. The Selection and translation of the 144,000 and 3. The translation of the Remnant or one third of the human race who are left over after the seven last plagues. All of this info is actually right there in Rev 14 symbolized in the Three Angels’ messages.

Like the Mystery of the first coming of Christ, the Second Coming has also been covered and shrouded in mystery until our time, when the Latter Rain is beginning to fall on those who have the extra oil in their lamps. The extra oil represents the truth about Character of God, which is revealed only to those who are willing to go into THE FATHER’S HEART, which represents the Most Holy Place of the Sanctuary in our day. “Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in in all generations.” Psalm 90:1. “He that dwells in the Secret Place (Sanctuary) of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1. The Almighty is EL SHADDAI, the Almighty Breasted One.

There are Seven Levels of the Character of God.

In this article we are going to study about THE HARVEST, Level #5, which is based on Rev. 14.

What we have failed to realize and understand is the true message of those THREE ANGELS and the time sequences which they are predicting. We also need to understand that there are THREE PHASES OF THE SUNDAY LAW which will take place during the first phase of the Harvest, which is what happened on the Day of Pentecost. This was called the EARLY RAIN which means “Blessing” which is what the word Rain means in that context. There will be 1. A NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW. 2. A WORLD WIDE SUNDAY LAW FOR ALL THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH. And finally, 3. A SUNDAY LAW DEATH DECREE FOR ALL THOSE WHO WILL NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

Our hearts and minds, like the professed believers in the days of Christ and ever since, have been as “DRY AS THE HILLS OF GILBOA.” Why? Because of all the legalistic doctrinal teachings which have not revealed the truth about God’s true character. Because of the traditional manner in which they have been explained and presented.

The Latter Rain is needed now to cause us to come alive, so that we can a begin sprouting out of our hard shells, and grow up into the Fullness of the likeness of Christ to the “Full man” Paul speaks about in Ephesians 4, so we will be able to know the truth from the lies the enemy has been planting in organized religion for many decades. Yes, Satan has been very busing counterfeiting the work of the Spirit during the last 150 or so years. I will give one example that is not very well known.

The Welsh Revival of 1904, is but one example of what the Lord wants to happen to all believers in the world wide church. A man named Evan Roberts, a layman, was the Lord’s instrument He used to start a nation wide revival of true Pentecostal Godliness throughout the churches of Wales.

I do not know what denomination it was but they were Protestant.

His story is on the internet and I shared it over a year ago. A true revival of primitive Godliness was manifested in the churches of Wales in terms of humility and true repentance and asking each other for forgiveness and truly manifesting Christ likeness in the members of the church. I think it lasted for about a year. People from all the world came to watch and observer this phenomenon. Of course, the devil was not happy so he was able to cause some of the believers to begin speaking in false and counterfeit tongues. Other false manifestations followed.

At least one, maybe more, religious leaders went back to the USA taking the false Tongues manifestation to Los Angeles. That is how the famous Azuza Street revival of Pentecostalism began in the USA, as I understand it, at which time the false or counterfeit SPEAKING IN TONGUES began to be manifested and spread all over the USA. I believe this was a counterfeit of what Evan Roberts started in Wales. You can check it out yourself. There was some lady who even wrote a book about this warning Christians to beware of false manifestations: The one book I remember was “WAR ON THE SAINTS,” by a Penn Lewis. Some felt that she was overreacting to what had happened under the ministry of Evan Roberts. You can check it out for yourself.

I believe what the author of CHRIST OBJECT LESSONS wrote on page 414, 415 re: what the emphasis and theme of the final message will be. The author states that the final message will be “A REVELATION OF HIS (TRUE) CHARACTER OF LOVE.”

I believe this began in the year 1888 but was resisted, marginalized and shelved by the majority of the leaders of God’s professed people until 1976-77, when it was once against resurrected and revived. During the last 37 years this message has had a miraculous rebirth in the USA which has spread here to the Philippines. It has even been planted in many African countries.

The deceptive counterfeits are still having their manifestations in the false teachings and revivals of many modern Pentecostal and Evangelical types of preaching and healing which are being held in the USA as well as all over the world. There have been various emphasis such as:

  1. Miraculous healings.
  2. Speaking in tongues.
  3. Holy Laughter
  4. Holy shaking and screaming and rolling around on the floor, etc.
  5. Teaching of the Prosperity Gospel which emphasizes that if you give to such and such a ministry you will become as rich and wealthy as the leader of the movement.

We saw this with Jim and Tammy Bakker in the 80’s which fell apart when Jim Bakker was accused of immoral conduct and misusing funds received through his ministry. He was later arrested and spent time in prison basically on trumped up charges. He has since written a book entitled: I WAS WRONG in which he confessed the erorr of his ways, especially in emphasizing the so called PROSPERITY GOSPEL. He was released from prison after about five years and now has a new wife (Tammy died) and a new ministry out of Missouri. Jimmy Swaggart and a few others also fell by the wayside, although I do not think they have written any books confessing the error of their ways. There are numerous new speakers who have taken their place such as Joyce Meyer who is very popular. Benny Hinn is another one who also claims to heal people right on stage. Some of these present day leaders are also involved in HOLY LAUGHTER which you can view on the internet. The one I saw was at THE TORONTO BLESSING. It is quite a spectacle on many levels.

The bottom line in all of this is that these are all counterfeit manifestations and supposed Holy Ghost revivals. Satan is using them to deceive the masses into thinking this is the work of God through the Holy Spirit. As a result they are receiving the false spirit of prophecy in their hearts and minds which is setting them for the final deceptions that will soon be coming on planet earth.

Thus it is that Satan is preparing the world little by little for His final deception which will culminate in His appearance as the Messiah. I believe that the modern spiritualistic manifestation of UFOs or FLYING SAUCERS, which began in 1947, when Kenneth Arnold said that he saw saucer like craft in the sky over Idaho when he was flying to Seattle. Many UFO and Alien films have been and still are being made today brainwashing the masses into thinking that these Aliens are actually our creators who are coming back to our planet to rescue us from self destruction.

The final deception, we are told about in the book THE GREAT CONTROVERSY BETWEEN CHRIST AND SATAN is just before us. And I believe that it will sweep the world into the trap Jesus warns us about in Luke 21:34-36. You can read about this for yourself on line by accessing this book via Google. The page numbers to look for are 622-624 which warn us about “FEARFUL SIGHTS OF A SUPERNATURAL CHARACTER” which will be revealed in the heavens but they are actually the demons of Satan, manifesting themselves as benevolent being from other worlds who have come to teach and help us to be ready for the coming of the ultimate Cosmic Master Jesus Christ. The author predicts that almost the whole world will believe this false messiah and bow down to worship him. Then in his assumed character of Christ he will tell everyone that they should worship on Sunday in order to get back to God and receive his blessings. This will be the overwhelming deception that will sweep the world. Only the ELECT of Matt 24:24 will escape.

God bless. Your friend, Pastor Mike.

Below is one of the most important articles the Lord has led me to write in the last 20 years. There are many other articles as well which you can also access and read free on line: I wrote this article after receiving more understanding re: the manner in which the First Coming of Jesus took place, comparing it with what Christ and the NT writers have also described at His Second Coming.

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