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“THE OUTCOME OF INFINITE GRACE” by Dr. Loyal Hurley – A great introduction to the study of the ultimate destiny of man, from a strictly scriptural point of view.DOWNLOAD - The Outcome Of Infinite Grace


“IS HELL ETERNAL OR WILL GOD’S PLAN FAIL?” by Charles H. Pridgeon, M. A. – This book is written for the thoughtful man or woman who has had difficulty with the doctrine of endless punishment as usually taught. It holds up the Christ and His Cross and its author trusts that from its perusal there may result the salvation of souls and the comfort of many who have lost loved ones who died whether in or out of Christ, yet “loved long since and lost awhile.”DOWNLOAD - Is Hell Eternal Or Will God's Plan Fail?


“100 SCRIPTURAL PROOFS THAT JESUS CHRIST WILL SAVE ALL MANKIND” by Thomas WhittemoreDOWNLOAD - 100 Scriptural Proofs That Jesus Christ Will Save All Mankind


“ANALYTICAL STUDY OF WORDS” by Louis Abbott – My hope in writing this book, is to conclusively show that there is no valid evidence supporting the translations of the Hebrew word ‘olam’ and the Greek words ‘aion’ and ‘aionion’ with English words expressing unlimited time or eternity. Each of these Hebrew and Greek words expresses a limited period of time, an eon or an age. Furthermore, I want to show that the several Greek and Hebrew words traditionally translated into the single English word Hell in many English Bibles, carry no meaning closely resembling the images projected by many of the modern theological schools of thought. While the works of eminent scholars of Scripture, past and present, and those of secular writers will be cited, the final and only authority for determining the meaning of the words rests in their inspired usage by God as recorded in the sacred Scriptures.DOWNLOAD - Analytical Study Of Words


“UNIVERSALISM THE PREVAILING DOCTRINE OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH DURING ITS FIRST 500 YEARS” by J.W. Hanson – The purpose of this book is to present some of the evidence of the prevalence in the early centuries of the Christian church, of the doctrine of the final holiness of all mankind.DOWNLOAD - Universalism The Prevailing Doctrine Of The Christian Church During Its First 500 Years


DOWNLOAD - Into The Father's Heart