Your Support Is Greatly Needed,
Here’s How You Can Help…

Although we might mention several ways you can help this ministry I would like to point out the most important, most needed and the most effective method of blessing GOD’S LAST CALL MINISTRIES, is for you to PRAY FOR US each and every day–or at least as often as you may think about it.

The NEXT thing you could do, of course, is help financially with a donation or offering of your choice after you have asked the Lord to guide you in this matter. He has promised to bless us one hundred fold or 100 x 100 which = 10,000%. If you have not been paying your tithe or are behind on it this is another area in which God will help you.

Yes Mike, I want to help you
with your gospel outreach!

Send your donation to:

P.O. Box 473
Woodburn, OR 97071




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