Did God Punish Haitti by Earthquake?

I wrote this letter to this man & wife team who run or operate a Prayer Ministry on line. It was in response to what Pat Robertson said about God causing the earthquake in Haitii, etc. as a punishment. Read below what they said.


Dear Wayne & Jennifer: (I have an idea that Jennifer wrote this. Right?)

Anyway, thanks for the feed back. This is an excellent response and answer to my question: Does God Kill or Destroy? I believe it shows the Holy Ghost is in your heart and mind, guiding and teaching you about the Father’s true character of love. I appreciate your work and good articles, etc. and especially your prayer ministry out reach. I have some requests now….one for the people in Haitii, of course, and then for a lady I just prayed for the other day who is from the Philippines but lives in the USA. She has heard some voices in her mind telling her to say bad words and do bad things. So, she got depressed and quit her job. She is a Catholic. She does not have a Bible and has never read the Bible. Most Catholics in the Philippines are like this…99% do not read or even have a Bible. But she does have a rosary and prays to Mary!! So, I taught her how to rebuke this evil spirit in the name of Jesus. And wrote out a short prayer for her. I have been to the Philippines 4 times in the last 2 years preaching and teaching, passing out my book, “INTO THE FATHER’S HEART.” There are now 6,000 which have been given to the people, over 70% to pastors who really like and believe in my book.

I also have a prayer request for an American friend who has a strained or sore neck. He is doing mission work for the poor there. And I also have a stiff or sore neck now for 4 days. May have to go to the Chiropractor…will try hot
and cold today.

Am going to send you a chapter from my book IFH on the concept of the “WRATH OF GOD.” This is the main problem in our understanding of the Father’s true character of love. Read Psalm 78:40 – 49, especially vs 49.

In essence it tells us that God was the one who “cast upon them (the Egyptians during the 10 plagues) his wrath, anger and indignation, etc” but how? And by doing what? “By sending evil angels among them.”

So, how and why do the evil angels of Satan come into a person’s life or into the midst of the political and spiritual life of a nation? It is by rejecting the Holy Ghost which Jesus said was the ultimate sin that would not be forgiven in this life or the life to come, etc. Matt. 12. It is called, “The blasphemy against the Holy Ghost.” More on that later, except I will say that there is a final age after the 1,000 years (Millennium).

Ok, here is chapter 10 to explain the real meaning of the “Wrath of God.”


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