Commentary On Revelation – Chapters 21-22


Just this morning I spoke to a pastor by phone about the character of God message. Although many pastors I have talked to agree with the basic idea that God does not destroy (level one) this particular pastor believes that God’s justice requires Him to use force and destroy because that is the only way God can solve the sin problem. Like many others, his God is above the decalogue and does not need to keep or obey His own law. I tried to explain that this was one of Satan’s original arguments against our Creator. Lucifer charged that God was a selfish, despot. That He made laws only to keep His creation in bondage, but He Himself would not keep these same laws. His reply was that God is in a different dimension from us; apart and above us and therefore, can do whatever He chooses. He also brought up the subject of the two Lords I have written about. He didn’t agree with that either. After a few minutes I realized we were so far apart in our understanding of God’s character that it would be impossible to come to any kind of understanding or resolve any of our differences in one telephone conversation, so we parted amicably. I realized that I had been in the same position as this pastor before 1976-77. There is a special time for each of us to move forward and upward in our understanding of the character of God. So, it is very important that we maintain respect for every person no matter where they are in their understanding.

In contrast to the above experience I would like to share with you a letter I received yesterday: “Dear Pastor Clute, My name is Naomi and I have been an SDA for about 21 years. For about a year now I have been in a study group. We finished one book called ‘The Glad Tidings,’ by E. J. Waggoner on Romans which I enjoyed very much.

“Well, about 10 days ago the man who is the head of our study group let me borrow your book called, “THE WONDERFUL TRUTH ABOUT OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.” Well, this is the best thing that ever happened to me. This book is just amazing and I couldn’t put it down (so to speak) until I had finished it. I believe I was led to these studies and your book by a higher power. I want to thank you so much for writing this amazing, wonderful book. Oh! How I have been blinded by Satan for so long, but praise the Lord God it’s not too late, and I can share what I’ve learned with my family and friends.

“I would very much like to be on your free mailing list. Could you also send me a list of your books, cassettes, and the prices of each. I don’t have a lot of money but I’m sure I can send for some things. Thank you so much for writing this precious book. I pray others will accept this most precious truth. May God bless you and yours in your work to get this message out. This dying world needs this most precious message of God’s love. Love in Christ, Naomi.” From Ohio.

I only wish that I had the time and space to share the hundreds of letters like this one from all over the USA and world. People who have read this book Naomi is referring to are on level three of the character of God message and are ready to go to level four which we are going to study today. For the last year or more I have been giving a simple study from the last two chapters of the book of Revelation which to my mind clearly reveals God’s future plans for the human race. For the first time in the history of the world the entire human race will meet. Unfortunately, at least two thirds of God’s creation will be outside the golden city looking in. Zech. 13:8. This is when all the wailing, crying, weeping and gnashing of teeth will take place. What is going to happen to these people? The last two chapters of Revelation helped me to answer this question for myself. The “Revelations” of John have been a great mystery through the centuries. But Dan. 12 predicted that in the “time of the end…knowledge shall be increased.” v. 4. I once read that although the various translators and copyists faithfully copied and translated the canon of Scripture they did not always place equal value on certain books. For example, Martin Luther called the book of James, “An Epistle of straw,” meaning it was his opinion that James had no real value or nourishment for the believer. Yet, he translated it. I don’t know how he felt about the book of Revelation but I have heard and read that many scholars through the centuries placed little value on this last book of the Sacred Cannon. Yet, God, in His infinite wisdom has preserved this book along with the other 65 books of the Bible for a very special reason. And the last two chapters have taken on new meaning for me personally during 1994 and 1995 when I began sharing special insights the Lord revealed to my mind as I prayed and studied. But before we go to Rev. 21 and 22 we need to prepare ourselves with a little background study. Our first text is found in Rev. 15: 1. Here we read about a “sign” John saw “in heaven.” This expression can mean one of three things. John is seeing something taking place in the atmospheric heavens where the birds fly and the clouds float or in the starry heavens or in heaven itself, the third heaven, where God dwells with the angels in the Holy City. In chapter 14:1 John describes a vision he had of the 144,000 on Mount Sion, which we believe is in heaven itself. Then in v. 6 we read that the first of three angels is flying “in the midst of heaven.”Because the plagues are poured out on earth I believe the sign John saw about the seven last plagues is taking place in our atmospheric heavens. God is pictured here and in the next chapter as sending these seven angels to pour out the plagues but in reality God is only permitting them as Rev. 7:1-4 explains. There are four angels holding back the winds of strife until the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads. Now let’s go to Rev. 15:2 where John is describing a different scene that I believe is taking place in the third heaven because John also makes reference to the temple in verses 5 and 8. John says that he sees a “sea of glass” mingled or combined together with fire. Seas represent people, Rev. 15:17, and the fire here is symbolic of truth, righteousness and love for God has nothing to do with literal fire. Literal fire never existed until after Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden. Isa. 33 indicates the righteous will dwell with fire and everlasting burnings. Jesus also told us that we would be like or equal to the angels in heaven and the angels are called “flames of fire.” But the main point we want to make here is that I believe the same group who were singing in Rev. 14:3 before the throne of God “as it were a new song,” is the same group who are singing here in Rev. 15. Actually, they are prophesying in this song, that “all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments(Decisions) are made manifest.” Rev. 15:3, 4. Now, this is truly awesome in its implications. This group is predicting that ALL NATIONS are eventually going to surround the throne of God and sing praises of joy and victory to God because everything He has ever done is finally explained, understood and accepted as being absolutely perfect. This should give us a lot of courage knowing everything is happening according to God’s will and He knows what is best and will explain it all to us to our complete satisfaction at the proper time in the future. Between now and then He asks us to have faith in Him. “Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shall know hereafter.” John 13:7.Now, we come to Rev. 21. Verses 1 and 2 describe the events which transpire immediately after the 1,000 years. John sees a new heaven and a new earth because the former or first heaven and earth has vanished/disappeared. John is describing the final results of all that God is about to create—a new heaven and a new earth. In vs. 3, John speaks about the tabernacle of God being with men. The word “men” is the generic word for mankind, “anthropos,” meaning humankind or human beings thus embracing the entire human race from Adam and Eve. God Himself is going to be their God and dwell with them personally. The expectation and joy inherent in this text can only be appreciated in terms of our own human experience of the happiness and joy we experience when we are waiting to meet someone we have been separated from for a long time. Think of the emotions you had as you waited for that bus or airplane to arrive with your long separated loved one(s) on board. The Bible tells us that God created us in His very own image and likeness so why should we think that our loving God is any different from us? He is looking forward to being with His very own sons and daughters from whom He has been separated since Adam and Eve broke His heart and stood Him up at the altar in Eden where He planned to be joined with them in a spiritual union or marriage. Yes, God is looking forward to being joined at last to His finished creation…first with the 144,000 and eventually with all of creation. In verse 4 we are told that God is going to “wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain…for the former things are passed away.”Beloved, here we are faced with the first of several facts most Bible teachers have overlooked, ignored, misinterpreted or flat out denied and/or refused to believe. Instead of destroying all of these masses of humanity and wiping them off the face of the earth, He came and died to save them. Now, Jesus has brought them forth from the grave not to “wipe them out” but for the express purpose of wiping away all their tears and pain for they are the only ones who will be crying and suffering. Isaiah of old prophesied this very event.”And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together; for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.” Isa. 40:5. After Jesus told the Centurion that He would go to his house to heal his servant of the palsy this faithful soldier told Jesus that would not be necessary for He believed Christ could simply speak the word and heal his “grievously tormented” servant from a distance saving much time which could be used in healing other sick people. Matt. 8:10 tells us that when Jesus heard this man speak these words “He marveled, and said to them that followed, Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel. And I say unto you, That many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven. (Inside that beautiful city of Gold). But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Matt. 8:10-12. Now, beloved, who are the people who are shedding many tears (weeping)? Not the people on the inside of the city. Oh, no! Please notice another text on this same subject. “And shall cast them (wicked) into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.” Cf. Dan. 12:3. Matt: 22:13;24:51:25:30. Does that sound like a sad group of people to you? Hardly! Ok, much more could be said and more proof given but this is sufficient for now to prove that the only people who are crying are those outside of the city. The righteous, inside the city, have been with Jesus for 1,000 years already. So, their tears were wiped away in the first few minutes after they were resurrected and taken up through the sky to heaven with Jesus. Any tears they may have shed subsequently (afterward) when they found out that many of their loved ones and friends were not there were wiped away as soon as Jesus explained the whole situation to them. That after the 1,000 years they would have an opportunity to see and meet with their loved ones again when Jesus raised them up in the final resurrection. Now, can you imagine the reaction of the righteous if Jesus told them that the specific purpose of this resurrection was simply to rehearse to the wicked lost all of their sins and show them how bad they were for the sole purpose of killing them again? Do you think the righteous would be in favor of this? Would you? This is a crucial and critical point to consider. In every age God’s people have held to some kind of “Exclusive Club” doctrine. The Jews in both testaments taught they were superior to all nations of the earth and had an exclusive birthright and privilege to the coming kingdom. Even after the resurrection Paul rebuked Peter for his dissembling or hypocrisy regarding the doctrine of circumcision. Gal. 2:11-16. Even the early Adventists, after the 1844 disappointment thought they alone were the chosen people of God because probation had already closed on the rest of the world. Slowly but surely these false theories have lost their hold and appeal on God’s Remnant. Now, it is time to see God’s ultimate plan of the ages for the whole human race. In fact, I believe this is going to become crucial in the days ahead when everything that can be shaken will be shaken. This world is going to become so bad off economically, so sick physically and mentally and so deceived and evil spiritually that we will be tempted to believed God has totally forsaken the human race. It is at this time that a full understanding of God’s overall plan of the ages will give comfort to God’s Remnant people. It will be a vital doctrine to bolster the faith of His chosen ones in the final days of planet earth. But coming back to the question I posed regarding the response of the Remnant to the idea that all of their loved ones and friends are about to be annihilated off of the face of the earth forever. What do you think they would say to the Lord? I think they would tell Jesus they did not like this idea at all. But then what if Jesus were to explain that the specific objective of the second resurrection was for the purpose of bringing salvation to all? How many of the redeemed would go for such an idea? What about you? I want you to think about that for awhile. So, we see clearly that the Bible teaches that the wicked will be weeping and crying and gnashing their teeth because of their great mental and physical suffering. But the righteous are going to be singing and shouting for joy. Now, let’s go to Rev. 21:5-7. “And He that sat upon the throne (Jesus) said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. And He said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.” Notice, my friend, how v. 6 emphasizes that everything is already done and carried out as an established fact for with God His Word is action past, present and future for our God dwells in the Eternal NOW. Now, beloved, please notice in v. 6 that Jesus says that He is going to “give unto him that is athirst (thirsty) of the fountain of the water of life freely.” Notice beloved, that I said “Jesus” is the one who is speaking here from the throne…for it is Jesus Himself sitting on the throne of the universe as the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace. Isa. 9:6. How do I know this? Because the same God speaking from the throne revealed Himself to John as the “ALPHA AND OMEGA,” of Rev. 1:8. There is only one God and His Name is Jesus. ‘HEAR, O ISRAEL: THE LORD OUR GOD IS ONE LORD.” Deut. 6:4. God is spoken of in the singular all through chapters 21 and 22. God is referred to as “He,” not they or them. “God is with men, and ‘HE’ will dwell with them…” In Rev. 22:4 we read that “They shall see His face,” not “their face.” Of course, Jesus, as the eternal God is able to be the Father and the Holy Spirit at the very same time He is the Eternal Son…the only visible person of the trinity…three in One. This is a great mystery. In John 3:13 Christ told Nicodemus that although He was talking to Nicodemus on earth He was at that very same moment/instant in history up in heaven sitting on that throne in heaven running the entire universe with His Omnipotence and Omnipresence and Omniscience. Remember, friend of mine, that the righteous have been drinking of the water of life for a thousand years…so they are not thirsty. They don’t need a drink of water. But recently raised wicked are in a Lake of fire. Not a literal lake of fire for God’s fire is not literal. Never has been and never will be. Jesus said, “I have come to bring “fire” on the earth…a fire of love, righteousness and truth. Now, here we have the same thing again in the form of a revelation of truth in the sky…panoramic view or whatever you wish to call it. But, what we have here in this lake of fire is a lake of humanity on fire with their anger, hatred and rebellion caused mainly by this revelation of truth which creates a lake of Divine purification and education (discipline if you please). And it is very hot and they are getting very thirsty. But they are God’s enemies. So, how does God treat His enemies? Proverbs 25:21 tells us that He gives them bread to eat and water to drink. And as a result of this Divine favor the wicked “overcome” and get the victory and become sons of God. This is what we just read would happen in Rev. 15:1-4…that “ALL NATIONS” would come before God’s throne to worship Him. And Paul tells us in Phil. 2:6-10 that ‘Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”…and this bowing and confessing will bring “glory to God.” Of course, this is not going to happen all at once. No. We don’t know how long it will take for everyone to be converted for it will be an ongoing experience, little by little as they slowly but surely turn to God. Verse 8 describes those who will continue in their rebellion until they all die the death to self for the self life or ego must die. But as the years roll by more and more will be converted and changed by this mighty manifestation of the glory of God in the earth and every day more and more people will be going into the city for “the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.” Rev. 22:25. There is the plain Word of the Living God…that those gates will always be open for God never gives up…nothing is impossible with Him…and “Jesus never fails” for with God all things are possible. I Cor. 13.Now, I know what some people are going to say. They are going to quote from a book known as Great Controversy by EGW and ask why EGW states that the gates are going to be shut when the wicked begin to march against the city. Well, my friend did anyone ever tell you that 1. EGW never wrote all of the Great Controversy? Her husband, James White is credited with writing parts of it as well as John Nevins Andrews and Uriah Smith. 2. EGW was not infallible. She stated this herself. Toward the end of her writing career the Lord began to reveal through her pen the truth of His character. “God destroys no man.” COL 84. This is a famous quote from “Christ Object Lessons,” Page 84, which was one of the last books published under her name while she was still alive. Although she understood more than any prophet before her she did not know everything. She stated that more light would be given in the future for God’s Remnant people. She said the 1888 message was only the beginning of it. Her writings reflect a partial understanding of the character of God. The statements we find throughout her writings that state God does not destroy reflect her correct but partial understanding of God’s character, which was progressive in her own life and writings which never fully developed into a complete understanding of God’s true character of love. In contrast to her later writings there are EGW statements that seem to say and indicate she believed that God does destroy. No matter when these were written these statements reflect her imperfect understanding of God’s character. Her later writings demonstrate a more complete, yet still imperfect understanding of God’s harmless character. But this was also true of many of the prophets such as Moses, David, Jonah, Elijah and even John the Baptist who each in their time frame of history believed that God destroyed. During the years since the 1888 crisis zealous but sincere SDAs have taken many quotes from the voluminous writings of EGW (some of them are compilations published after her death in 1916) to prove their particular belief or theory on various topics from perfection to the nature of Christ as well as scores of other subjects including whether God destroys or not. Many of these quotes are taken out of context to prove a certain point and then placed side by side to form the final and authoritative last word in the ongoing battle to prove they are right. This type of research and publishing has not brought honor to Sister White’s writings, but interestingly enough it has stimulated more interest and further study by others to either disprove a certain compilation or prove their own theory as superior. This has also been done on the subject of God’s character. I know this to be true for I have met people who, after reading one such very biased research report on the subject of whether God destroys or not, decided to do their own research. They ordered several of my books and after much prayer and study came to believe that God does not destroy. I have seen this happen over and over again during the last 20 years or more. So, God is glorified in spite of the spiritual pride of man. Praise His holy Name.

Now, let’s look again at verses 24-27. “And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honor into it.” The expression “do bring” indicates present tense and could very easily be expressed, “are bringing” because John is writing as an eyewitness of what God is showing him will take place in the future. So, as we keep this in mind, we can understand how John sometimes seems to be speaking in the present tense and then in the future for he realizes he is writing about events which are all still future. In the Modern Language version we read, “By its light the nations will walk (follow the light of truth flowing forth from the throne of God out into the earth) and to it (into the city itself) the kings of the earth will bring their splendor. (Now, the next verse reveals how this is possible for the nations outside of the city are not yet converted but as they follow or walk in the light of God’s revealed glory they will be converted and want to enter the city. In this light we can see why John next tells us that the gates of the city are never closed…why? Because God’s love never stops…His mercy is ongoing forever and ever. His invitation of mercy is extended throughout eternity…why else would the gates of the New Jerusalem always be open and never be closed? Because, beloved, God never goes out of the saving business. He is forever and always saving people. That’s why the gates of the New Jerusalem are never closed. Now, verse 26 tells us that these nations who come into the city are going to bring the glory and honor of the nations into it…these people who are saved are going to be beautiful and wonderful trophies honoring the power and love of God to save sinners to the uttermost. And then verse 27 tells us, “And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: But they are which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.” John here is trying to make it clear that even though the gates of the city are open for all to enter that no unconverted or defiled person will be able to enter. The KJV uses the conjunction “And” when “But” would convey John’s meaning better for John is trying to make an important point…which is: That even though he saw these wicked nations outside of the city going into the city he wants to make it crystal clear that they did not go in until they were changed. I like the way the Modern Language versions puts it: “But nothing unclean nor anyone practicing immorality and falsehood shall ever enter it…” Every time I go give this study I learn new things. So, I am sure there is more to be learned but let us now go to chapter 22.I believe that John was just overwhelmed with all of these events he saw transpiring in wondrous light and glory. With an incredible economy of words John conveys and covers volumes of information about the future. The first five verses focus on the throne of God. In v. one John describes a beautiful river flowing or proceeding forth or out of God’s throne. Because Revelation is a book of symbols and because waters (seas, lakes and rivers) represent or symbolize people (Rev. 17:15) it becomes clear that John is describing more than just a beautiful, literal river, which I do believe will be there for us to enjoy. But let us not miss the very important message this book is intended to teach us. What John is seeing is a river of humanity flowing forth from the throne room of God, bright as crystal, filled to overflowing with the mighty power of His love. Compare this with the vision of Ezekiel 47 in which the prophet describes waters (people) flowing out of the city in Ezek. 47:1-5 in ever increasing depths until he can no longer wade in the water but must swim because it is now over his head. Then in v. 7 he talks about trees growing along the both sides of the river. The Bible speaks of “trees of righteousness” referring to righteous people and in Psalm 1 a tree is symbolic of a man. Throughout the 48 chapters of his much neglected, ignored and over looked prophetic book Ezekiel continually refers to the Lord God or Creator as the One who is revealing all of these things to him. In v. 8 Ezekiel again says, “He told me: ‘This river flows east through the desert and the Jordan Valley to the Dead Sea, where it will HEAL the salty waters and make them fresh and pure.’ Everything touching the water of this river shall live. Fish will abound in the Dead Sea, for its waters (people of Sodom raised from the dead in the second resurrection) will be healed. Wherever this water flows, everything will live.” Would you like to be a “fisher of men” in the ‘Dead Sea.’ You can be if you want to be. Ezekiel was a prophet to the common people, probably older than Daniel but younger than Jeremiah. Like Daniel, he was taken captive but unlike Daniel, a prophet to kings and the upper class nobility, Ezekiel was a prophet to the common people and remained with the captives. He did not enter the University of Babylon like Daniel and graduate “Summa Cum Laude.” What he did have in common was the prophetic gift. Daniel makes one important reference to the resurrection in Dan. 12:2. “And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.” A correct understanding of this passage hinges on our interpretation of “everlasting.” The most popular interpretation is that everlasting means without end. The hell fire burner-uppers place these wicked in hell-fire, burning endlessly throughout eternity. Those who disagree with this theory believe the word everlasting simply means that the fires of hell will eventually go out after the wicked have suffered long enough to satisfy God’s justice. The wicked will literally burn in a fire that will eventually burn itself out. This word everlasting makes a lot more sense when we translate it more correctly “age lasting.” Now we can read more correctly with much greater understanding that some are raised “to age lasting life, and some to shame and age lasting contempt.”

In Revelation 22:2 John introduces an incredibly important piece of evidence regarding God’s plan for humanity. He describes a tree that is on both sides of the river. A dear saint I studied with once told me that this was like a Banyan tree which is known to be able to grow on both sides of a river. But the main point here is that the leaves of the tree of life are for the HEALING OF THE NATIONS.

One day it began to dawn on my mind that the only nations that will be in need of healing will be all the sick people outside the city. All the people inside the Holy City New Jerusalem will have been healed from all their earthly diseases and infirmities for 1,000 years. So, the only nations that will stand in need of healing are those outside the city wailing and gnashing their teeth because they are not on the inside. Then in v. 11 John flashes back in time to the last generation before the return of Jesus and declares that all characters will be frozen at a given time just before Jesus comes again. “And, behold, I come quickly: and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” So, those who are “unjust and filthy” as well as those who are “righteous and holy,” will stay that way until after the 1,000 years are finished. Then all of the wicked or lost will be raised from their dusty graves to receive their reward which is a realization that they are in a lost condition because of their own evil, wrong choices. This is part of their punishment. In v. 14 Jesus pronounces a blessing on all of those “they that do (or are doing) his commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter in through the gates into the city.” Here is another invitation to repent and be converted so they may enter the city. I like the way the Living Bible paraphrases this passage. Kenneth Taylor correctly understood that this was in the present indicative mood, continuous action or present tense. “Blessed forever are all who are washing their robes, to have the right to enter in through the gates of the city, and to eat the fruit from the Tree of Life.” See, right here is another indication that these people who are being invited to wash their robes have not eaten of the tree of life before this time. They are in the process of “washing” or becoming converted or cleaned up so they may be able to enter into the city. I say this because in the very next verse John tells us who it is outside the city who need to start washing their robes so they can enter into the city. Their robes are dirty…robes of their own devising…self-righteousness…mainly religious people of all types from all ages who thought they already knew everything there was to know about God, like the Jews of old, especially in Christ’s day, who crucified Him.

Then in verse 17 Jesus and His Bride give the loving invitation to come and drink of the water of life.

This is basically a paraphrase from Isaiah 55:1. “Ho, every one who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.” Another translation reads, “It’s all free.” The LB reads: “come and drink the Water of Life without charge.” The KJV simply reads: “Let him take the water of life freely.” Now, I wish to share with you a verse from John 7 that bears on this subject. “In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. (This shows clearly that Jesus intended for the word “drink” to mean listening and believing what you hear. “We drank it all in,” we often say in regards to accepting what we hear someone say.) He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” KJV. Now, notice what the LB says: “For the Scriptures declare that rivers of living water shall flow from the inmost being of anyone who believes in me. He was speaking of the Holy Spirit, who would be given to everyone believing in Him;” John 7:37-38. So, Jesus clearly defines the living waters as simply being the good news of the gospel being preached by Spirit filled human beings.

The idea of “buying and selling,” is often taken literally, especially in regard to the Mark of the Beast in Rev. 13 and Matt. 25 in the story of the 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins. When the foolish virgins run out of oil and come to the wise ones to ask for some of theirs the wise virgins tell them to go to those who “sell” and buy for yourselves for if we give you our oil we won’t have enough ourselves. The phrase, “are gone out” should be translated in the present tense, “are going out.” In other words it was obvious that their interpretation of Scripture regarding end-time events…e.g. their Eschatology (study of last day events) is obviously incorrect. An example of this is that the rapture will take place before the Mark of the Beast is enforced and the terrible time of trouble hits this world. We can already see that it has begun in the terrible moral decline, crazy, manipulated weather and fomented wars, etc. Rev. 3:9 seems to indicate that false teachers will make serious admissions in the final days. “Note this: I will force those supporting the causes of Satan while claiming to be mine (Christians) (but they are lying) to fall at your feet and acknowledge that you are the ones I love.” If you interpret the word “buy” literally you miss the more profound implications. For example, we use the word buy today to indicate acceptance of an idea. “I can buy that (idea)” or “I just don’t buy that kind of talk (idea or belief). We must realize that character is something that must be developed individually between the soul and his/her Maker. It is not transferable. I cannot “give” you my salvation. You have to “buy” it or accept it for yourself from God. One believer/person cannot do for another person (unbeliever) that which he must do for himself in preparation for the crisis that lies ahead. So, when the righteous or wise virgins refuse to give their oil to the foolish virgins (character development) but advise them to go to those who sell, what are they doing? I believe that Jesus told this parable to help every generation or age see the importance of individual responsibility. Ezekiel spoke directly to this point regarding the saving of other people’s souls in times of crisis: “Though Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, as I live, saith the Lord God, they shall deliver neither son nor daughter; they shall but deliver their own souls by their righteousness.” Ezek. 14:20. There is also implied in this short parable the idea that the foolish virgins are still just that…foolish or stupid people. They are asking for salvation on the basis of their own carnal ideas…according to their own folly or foolish ways of reasoning. Of course, you cannot reason with such people so the wise virgins, realizing this, simply tell these foolish people that they will have to go and talk it over with their own preachers who may be able to help them…”sell them on their ideas,” for obviously the foolish virgins are not buying the theology of the wise virgins. Virginity represents purity of mind as well as direction and purpose. Paul speaks of being “shod with the gospel of peace.” Shoes also represent your direction and purpose or your work in life. The foolish virgins are very sincere but sincerely wrong. Their motive for doing what is right is based on pride and appearance. Spiritual pride has been the downfall of many sincere people. This has taken place in every generation. But in the great final age to come we have an altogether different ball game or marketplace, if you please. God, in His great wisdom, knows what He is doing in every age with His creatures. As the potter molds the clay, so the Creator molds His creatures as He chooses. Our part is to believe in Him and trust in His love, wisdom and eternal goodness. In conclusion, I like this quote from Desire of Ages.”The gospel is to be presented, not as a lifeless theory, but as a living force to change the life. God desires that the receivers of His grace shall be witnesses to its power. Those whose course has been most offensive to Him He freely accepts; when they repent, He imparts to them His divine Spirit, places them in the highest positions of trust, and sends them forth into the camp of the disloyal to proclaim His boundless mercy. He would have His servants bear testimony to the FACT that through His grace men may possess Christ-likeness of character, and may rejoice in the assurance of His great love. He would have us bear testimony to THE FACT that He cannot be satisfied until the human race are reclaimed and reinstated in their holy privileges as His Sons and daughters.” DA 826. This same writer also stated that just as surely as God has a place for us to work here below in this earth He also has a place for us to work in heaven. I always wondered and puzzled over this statement. Now, in the light of what we have just studied we don’t have to wonder anymore. May the Lord richly bless each of you as you continue to pray and study for more understanding of the deeper things of the Word of the Living God. May His Living Waters truly flow forth from our lives to water the thirsty souls we brush shoulders with each and every day. Please know that I am praying for you. Thank you for your prayers for yours truly. I would love to hear from you. Your prayers and donations for this ministry are so very important to our ongoing outreach. Hoping to hear from you soon, I remain your friend and servant in Christ, our Lord. Pastor Mike Clute.


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