Commentary On Revelation – Chapter 13

The Beast, Its Mark, Its Number 666 Or Jesus By Greg Sexton

Christ Holy, Harmless, Undefiled, Heb.7: 26

Whom Will You Choose? This tract has been produced to precede the three angels message of Revelation 14: 7-12 that God gave us in the holy bible. It is a solemn warning to all mankind in these last days.

The Beast

The Bible defines the beast as a world government system (Dan. 7:17 Rev.13: 2,3) combined with a world religious power (Rev.13: 4) through which Satan is manifesting himself. This world religion/government, combined power, has Satan’s characteristics of lying and killing (Jn.8: 44) and destroying (Jn.10:10). This Beast creates/manufactures war and violence. (Ez.28:15,16). He will deceive many (Rev.12:9) by working miracles (Rev.16:14) because he can transform himself into an angel of light (2 Cor.11:14). He is very convincing. Just look at the recent headlines of Andrea Yates, who killed her five children. She claims that Satan told her to do it. In October of 1994, Susan Smith drowned her two small boys, Michael 3 and Alex, 14 months, at John D. Long Lake in Union, South Carolina. When asked later in prison by her then husband, David Smith, why she did it, she replied, “I don’t know. I’m sorry.” Deanna Laney killed two of her young sons because she said God told her to. Joseph Parker and Carlton Dotson both killed People and claimed to hear voices telling them to do bad things. These types of events will become more horrendous and more frequent as Satan is allowed more power in these last days. God never tells a person to kill or to do evil things (Jas. 1:13).

This combined church/state alliance was exercised in the Middle Ages to exterminate heretics or Bible believing Protestants who were at odds with the teachings of the church at that time. It is believed millions were killed during a 500-year period. The bible says the beast is located in the city of seven hills(Rome) and having the names of blasphemy (Rev.17:3), meaning it claims to forgive the sins of men, something reserved for God, which He alone can do (Jn. 10:33).

The Mark of The Beast

And he causeth all…to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads. Rev.13 :16. The mark of the beast in this verse has a dual meaning. The first meaning is that this beast will dominate the world through economic sanctions made possible by technology never before known to man. These sanctions will be made possible world wide through a cashless economy, and EFTS (Electronic Funds Transfer System) by means of a microchip imbedded under the skin. No one will be able to buy or sell unless they have this chip in their head or hand(Rev.13:17 ). This same electronic system is currently being aggressively implemented experimentally worldwide, especially with the animals.

The second meaning of the mark is the beast’s claim to be God’s replacement on earth and having the authority to change the Ten Commandment law of God (Dan.7:25) which has already been done by the Vatican (Headquarters for the Roman Catholic Church) in Rome, Italy. They have eliminated the 2nd Commandment altogether and changed the 4th Commandment, regarding the true Sabbath, from the 7th day to the 1st day of the week (Sunday) for the day of worship. They also have split the 10th commandment into two parts to make up for the elimination of the 2nd one (Ex.20:-17) so they would still have Ten Commandments.

They also disregard the 6th command “thou shalt not kill” by destroying their enemies or anyone who opposes them, believing that the end justifies the means. This mark is the beast’s claim to be God’s replacement on earth claiming to be the very “Vicar of God” (see “vicar” encyclopedia Britannica vol.12 pg.344 1a) and changing the law of God is its mark of authority. Taking the mark (Rev.13:9,10) in the forehead (where reason is processed in the frontal lobe of the brain) indicates a person believes in worshiping the beast and a mark in the hand indicates a person is going along with worshiping the beast so he will not lose his job in which he works with his hands as opposed to those who make their living with their brains. They submit to the system to avoid persecution (Deuteronomy 6:1-8 indicates Gods seal). The beast seeks to kill all humans because Satan leads it. God seeks to save us from Satan by giving this warning

The Number of The Beast

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred three score six (666)” (Rev.13:18). As you have read you have learned that the beast claims to be the “vicar of Christ.” When we print this phrase in Latin and put the Roman numbering system with the appropriate letters, the sum of the numerical value is 666 as seen below.

VICARIUS (112) FILII (53) DEI (501). V -5 D-500 I -1 I-1 C-100 L-50 I-1 112 + 53 + 501=666

God’s number is 7 and indicates completion (Gen.2:1,2). The number 666 is incomplete because anyone without God is incomplete. The title “Vicarius Filii Dei” was inscribed on a tiara or Triple Crown worn by the pope. This is not to say that Catholics are evil people-only the system of the Vatican is evil.

Jesus-Holy, Harmless, Undefiled

One of the greatest deceptions Satan ever brought on man was placing or imputing his own characteristics (a liar and a murderer) on the true Lord. God does not lie, kill, or destroy-never has, never will (Jas. 1:17; Mal.3:6) He would not break his own law. God’s will is to save all men (2 Pet.3:9) He overcomes evil with good (Rom.12:21) He is love (1 Jn. 4:8) and love worketh no ill to its neighbor (Rom.13:10). He loves His enemies (Matt.5:44). He does not destroy (2 Cor.10:4,5). Jesus wants us to have His character (Matt. 5:38-48;2 Pet.2:21-23) this is how we can survive the coming tribulation. Gods wrath is when He gives men up to their insistent carnal desires (Rom.1:18,24,26, 28; Rom.5:8,9) then Satan fills their lives and has control over them. Satan is the destroyer. He brought the plagues in Egypt (Ps. 78:49) and will bring the last plagues on earth (Rev.chap.15 and 16:1,14).God protects us from Satan and it is important that we know God’s character now and in the end because Satan is very deceptive (2 Cor. 11:14) and can cause us to do evil. The purpose of this article is to sound the warning to all mankind to peacefully reject the beast and its mark and to follow Jesus. I pray that you, my brethren will be wise and follow the example of Jesus Christ and grow in knowledge of Him. This tract has no religious affiliation but has been written for all men everywhere, free of charge. For more information refer to “Gods Last Call” or write to: GOD’S LAST CALL MINISTRIES P.O. BOX 471 WOODBURN, OR 97071

by Michael F. Clute

Actually, the first phase of the Judgment has already begun. Laodicea means, “A people of judgment or adjudged.” “The hour of His judgment has come,” Rev. 14:6 and on. That verse should read, “The hour of the Judgment of Him,” (Him or Christ being in the objective case, not the nominative case). To make it plainer the word judgment here really simply means “Trial.” Now, let’s read it again using the word “trial.” “The hour of His Trial has come,” which gives us an altogether different picture, perspective, meaning and interpretation of Rev. 14:6, 7 which says:

“And I saw another angel fly(ing) in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, Saying with a loud voice, ‘Fear (have awe & respect for) God, and give glory to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come (or has arrived): and worship Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.” Rev. 14:6, 7.

So, in this last hour of earth’s history, the final segment of this “Aion” or Eon or Age, that God Himself is on trial…i.e. the God family, which most people believe is God the Father and God the Son and then the Holy Spirit, which is in the feminine gender, putting an additional spin on the concept of who this God family actually and really is because we read in Gen. 1: “Let us make man in our image and after our likeness,” Gen. 1. Gen. 17:1 tells us about an “Almighty God” who intro-duces herself to Abraham by saying, “I am the Almighty God, walk before Me and be perfect.” The phrase “Almighty God” is from the Hebrew “El Shaddai” which means, “The Almighty Breasted One,” which is in the feminine gender. For more proof of all this go to my article on the web site entitled: “THE MYTH OF SANTA CLAUS AND MARY.”

There is at least one web site explaining and proving that El Shaddai is the Mother God of Israel Satan tried to counterfeit in Jer. 7 and 44 with the “Queen of Heaven,” which has its counterpart or counterfeit today in the exaltation of Mary as the new Queen of heaven who is proclaimed to be man’s only doorway to the Throne of God…man’s only hope of salvation. So, now we can see how this whole end-time scenario has to do with who you are going to worship and what kind of character this deity has we are worshiping. Beloved, just think about it…let your intelligence tell you the truth.

Anyone claiming to be God, be he/her human or divine, who demands worship on pain of death, is a false deity and inspired by the spirit of Satan, the death God. That just about summarizes all organized and pagan religions which have for their basis of existence, the concept of an angry and threatening God/deity, such as Baal in the Old Testament and the Greek God Thor and Diana of the Ephesians and Apollo and a plethora of other gods and goddesses.

Unfortunately, organized religion has grown wealthy, lining their pockets by using this very concept of God based on these false deities of the pagan religions of which Baal is best known, because Israel was always falling for and joining herself to “Baal Peor” because of the strong sexual allure involved in the fertility rites of the various Canaanite gods and goddesses. Elijah did battle with Jezebel because of this and ended up killing 450 of her personal priests who were bi-sexual swinging priests, switch hitters, as they are nicknamed in the Gay world. No wonder she put a price on his head, i.e. a death decree.

The modern counterpart for these ancient beliefs and religions can be found in our world today under different names such as paganism in its many and varied forms and even some branches of Satanism which goes under other names, so as not to scare possible converts away. Free drugs and sex is still used as the hook to get new converts to join up. The most recent fruits of all these neo-pagan beliefs can be seen today in the news about same sex marriages and pedophile priests being sued because they are under command not to marry which goes against God’s original plan for mankind as we read in the book of Genesis, chapter 1…male and female, whom God joined together. Also read Romans 1 re: how homosexuality has led and been the main cause of the destruction of races, nations and cultures of the past, such as the people before the flood and Sodom, for example.

In addition to all that, believe it or not, the Bible actually predicted this “forbidding to marry” doctrine (celibacy) would be one of the last day deceptions. I Tim. 4. Notice: “Now in the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils: (pretty strong message. Paul was not known to mince words) Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; (now notice what follows as a result of no longer having a working or functioning conscience to tell you the difference between right and wrong): “FORBIDDING TO MARRY,..” I Tim. 4:1-3.

There it is, very plain words for all to read. And that is exactly what is happening today, celibacy, in the name of God and for the honor and glory of God which in reality is for the honor and glory of Satan the devil…and the proof of that is before us in the daily headlines about the pedophile priests lawsuits and now same sex marriages. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Matt. 7. Yet, the majority of the population have no comments for the most part except to say, “live and let live” or “each to his own” etc.

But the greatest deceptions are yet to come upon the people of this planet, because Rev. 16:10 predicts a plague of darkness, one of the seven last plagues. Obviously, we are now in the midst of the early or first plagues (created by the NO to dumb down and kill off as much of the population as possible) which includes our poisoned atmosphere, (Chemical Trails in the sky) food, (preservatives & MSG) drink, (alcohol & other drinks with deadly chemicals in them) water, medicine (shots & vaccinations) and the plague of war with all of its aftermath we are seeing more and more of each day in Iraq & Liberia and the possibility of more of the same in other countries. So, in the midst of all these first plagues we are now seeing up close & personal each and every day…I say, in the very midst of all this crime and chaos and confusion, the God of heaven is sending a message about Himself regarding who He really is, which is at the very root of all the problems in the first place.

Yes, it is a false concept of the Creator which is at the very root of all the problems we are seeing today. This message found in Rev. 14: 6, 7 is being sent, as we speak here, to correct these problems. But only a small group of people will take heed, believe and act upon this message of good news and escape. Luke 21:34-36. Read and heed and live my friend. Since August of 1976 I have been preaching about God’s love by showing that neither Jesus nor His Father nor the Holy Spirit have ever hurt or killed anyone. Two major books have been written on this topic, which are still available. The first is “INTO THE FATHER’S HEART,” 412 pages, 1982, only $9.95, post paid. And “THE WONDERFUL TRUTH ABOUT OUR HEAVENLY FATHER,” written in 1986, 394 pages, $12.95 post-paid.

There are others as well, which are also available on the topic of UR (or the concept of God’s plan of the ages to restore all mankind in the ages to come). Many articles are free to the reader at the web site:

To order one or both of the above books and receive a free video discussion of interviews the author has done with ministers and laymen on these topics, write to:


Here are a few comments which will more fully explain UR (concept of Universal Restoration, based on Acts 3:21). Do you realize, that what you believe tells God what sort of person you are? Have you ever stopped to consider exactly what you do believe? Have you ever stopped and considered why you believe what you believe?

Paul said at 1 Thessalonians 5:21 “Prove all things” (King James Version). The Greek word for “prove” there is dokimazete (dokimazete) from dokimazw (dokimazo) and it means to prove, to test. But what you have not been told is that it also means to approve, to approve after trial, to judge worthy. God does not want you just to prove all things, He also wants you to approve of all things as well.

And that is different, because now the responsibility is upon you not just to prove what you believe, but also to approve of what you believe. For instance, if you are in a church that teaches Hell fire and eternal suffering, (watch this very carefully) in your heart, you have to approve of that. If you belong to a church that teaches eternal death for some, (again, watch this very carefully) in your heart, you have to approve of that.

What sort of a heart could approve of Hell fire and eternal suffering? What sort of a heart could approve of eternal death for some? The doctrine of Universal Salvation teaches that all will have eternal life, which includes all the most wicked of this earth, past and present and even Satan and His fallen demons. I can just hear some sincere believer saying, “Wow, what a false doctrine that is.” Oh, yes, I know how you feel as that is what I said for years until I studied it out for myself. Let me make this clear. No person or angel will ever go to heaven or be saved until they repent. Our Creator God already has a plan worked out to bring all of the wicked and evil angels, including Satan, to repentance. They are going to be very severely chastised and punished (disciplined). God does not throw away any of His creatures, but as the Divine Creator and Master Potter, simply breaks every defective vessel for the purpose of remolding it after His own divine image.

And as a result of this re-molding all will eventually have the same nature and character as their Creator, Jesus. What sort of a heart could not approve of Universal Salvation, eternal life for all?

You see, God is the Ultimate truth and Universal Salvation is the Ultimate outcome or result of that truth. How could we expect anything less from the Ultimate God? If you would like to have more info on this topic please send me an e-mail or ask for a free booklet and other literature on this topic when you order one or both of the above books, “Into the Father’s Heart,” or “The Wonderful Truth About Our Heavenly Father.”


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