Commentary On Revelation


With References To The Book of Daniel
– By Michael F. Clute –

It is not by chance or happenstance that the book of Revelation is the last book of the New Testament. The Lord through His Divine grace, supernaturally arranged for it to be exactly where it is for a very special and grand purpose. And what might that be? To totally reconnect us to His eternal throne from which Adam and Eve were disconnected (fell) in the beginning. And so it is that in this last book, the Apocalypse or unveiling, God, in His goodness and wisdom has chosen to reveal Himself, and the hidden purpose of His will, through His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Through Him the Father has spoken to us not only as His children, but as His friends, with the incredible abundance of His love, so that we might be re-united with Him in total harmony. Each person who experiences this perfect harmony and accord with the Father, in His heart, will be in accord with His fellow man. That is what happened on the day of Pentecost when “they were all with one accord in one place.” Acts 2:1. This is the first and only time God’s people were ever said to be “of one Accord” since the fall. The word “accord” means “unanimity” which simply means to be unanimously united in heart, mind and body. As a result the Holy Spirit was poured out upon them and we know the great miracles that followed. The true in heart throughout the earth, in all communions, churches and belief systems have been hoping and praying for this to happen again. The book of Revelation is positioned in the Cannon of Scripture for the very purpose of bringing this to pass in our day. The times demand that this take place because the world is on the verge of self destruction through the selfish madness and insanity of the so-called leaders of the world.

The book your reading now includes a number of articles the Lord has led, impressed and helped me to write through the years by His Divine Spirit. Because these articles have been a commentary on both Daniel and Revelation I have included them in this present work along with my most recent comments. As soon as I published the updated version of “Into the Father’s Heart” in Sept of 2005, the Lord began to speak to me about writing a commentary on the book of Revelation. I was not able to begin the project until late in 2006. But there was such a sense of urgency impressing me day and night that I finally began to search for everything I had ever written on Daniel and Revelation. During the months of April, May and part of June of this year the voice in my mind was so strong and insistent that I just dropped everything and began working all day each day and part of the night to try and complete the project before it was time to publish the second quarter newspaper this year. This took a toll on everything, my health included, but somehow I survived although I was tired. As soon as this last paper was completed I began again. There were several chapters which had no comments so I concentrated on them the last two weeks until this present work was completed the last two days. Still I do not consider that it is finished because the scroll is being unrolled daily now and will continue on like that until the first 3 1/2 years is finished. At this writing we do not know when this 1260 day period will begin but I believe it is near. Only time will tell. And I will try and update this work as often as possible to keep it current. Two days ago I was impressed to find the illustrations a friend gave me about three years ago. I had filed them away with the thought that someday I might have a need and use for them. Yesterday the voice that guides me told me to look in a certain place in my file cabinet and sure enough I found them in 30 seconds. In my mind this was truly a miracle and proof that the Lord was guiding this project, especially the timing of it. I called my friend in California who had given me these illustrations and told him what had happened. He then told me how a friend of his had given them to him and how he was impressed to give them to me. We had a word of prayer together thanking the Lord for His guidance and blessing. And so it has gone day by day in my ongoing efforts to complete this important work. I take full responsibility for any typos or any other mistakes in the lay out and organization of the first edition of this work. I did not have the funds to hire a professional lay out and design artist to perfectly align, organize and justify the paragraphs and margins. I did the best I could with my Word Perfect 9 processor. So, it should be considered a work in progress because basically it is still in a rough draft stage. However, the Lord has impressed me to print it up and send it out in its present form. As I have the time and funds and the Lord leads I will continue to add more information to keep up with the unfolding events which are now daily and weekly fulfilling the predicted prophecies of these two books. I am open to any ideas and suggestions, even constructive comments. I would also like to say that the Lord spoke to me over a year ago about the importance of writing a commentary on Revelation with references to Daniel. He explained that the book of Revelation and Daniel will be the guidebook for God’s people during the last seven years of this earth’s history. Up until now there has been no commentary on these two books which explains God’s true character. Nor has the special relationship of Michael and Gabrielle been explained.

Because Daniel and Revelation have been such an ongoing source of inspiration and enlightenment as the prophetic scroll continues unrolling it really is not possible to know every detail of every prophecy and every verse. The topic of the Daily is a good example. This may be the first commentary on these two books which reveals the true meaning of the Hebrew word “Tamid,” which is translated “Daily.” But the translators added the word “sacrifice” to it which changes the meaning and intent of what the angel told Daniel.

There are two other points I wish to emphasize before you begin reading it. This is the first time any commentary on Revelation has been written by someone who believes and teaches that “God Does Not Destroy.” Secondly, this will be the first commentary which reveals the true identity of the two angels who appeared to Daniel and John to reveal the events which will be and are, in fact, transpiring as I write these words. You will know what I am talking about soon enough as you read on. In conclusion, I sincerely hope this commentary will be a rich source of information and inspiration to you the reader. Please know that I am earnestly praying that the same Lord who led me to write this book will bless and guide you as you read it.

Your friend and servant in Christ, our Lord. Evang. Mike Clute.


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