“Come Out Of Her (Babylon) My True Children” A Study Based on the Final Message & Call of Rev. 18:1-4

As we have discovered in previous studies the true and original Queen of Heaven (Shekinah or Wisdom, Prov 8:22-31) is now revealing herself to the world as our true mother. She lost her children when Adam & Eve fell into our dark dimension. That is why Michael (Jesus), came to earth in a body of flesh to rescue all of us back to Himself and His Shekinah (spouse) through the ransom of His very own life on Calvary’s cruel cross. Now, over 2,000 years later the Father is allowing His own daughter (Shekinah/Wisdom, Prov 8:22-31) to go on center stage so that everyone who will listen and obey will come out of Babylon and be rescued when Jesus returns soon in the clouds of glory.

This “Coming out of Babylon” is a progressive experience the same as the “Fall of Babylon,” is also progressive, in that it takes place gradually over a period of time, at least in its early stages. In the final stages of Babylon’s fall everything is going to be accelerated to a very high degree due to the incredible intensity of the final events themselves, which we have been told will be “rapid ones.”

In a moment I will explain in more detail the final seven year period of this age in which we are now living. I do not believe that seven year period has yet begun. But just as there was a 3 ½ year period in the ministry of our Lord Jesus so there will also be a 3 ½ year period in which the Elect will give a final message during a Little Time of trouble. The second 3 ½ year period will be the BIG TIME OF TROUBLE which will come after the Sunday Law Death decree is passed at the end of the first 3 1/2 years.

The Lord will hold the economy together during this 1260 literal days so the message can be given. This is called “the open door” in Rev 3:7-12. The Church of Philadelphia is another title for this Little Company or Elect Barley group. During the closing days of that first 3 ½ years there will be an economic collapse, a disaster far beyond the 1929 crash. Every nation on the planet will be affected and go broke. All the existing banks will close. That is why there will no longer be any cash or checks. This is when the electronic banking system will be set up and the cashless society begins. Although there will be a lot talk and push for the Sunday law during the first 3 ½ years, probably with some fines and imprisonment, the Mark of the Beast of Rev 13 will not be enforced until after the world wide Sunday Law death decree which will come at the close of that first 1260 day period. So, that is why we must be filling our vessels now, during a time of relative peace and freedom. That vessel will contain the extra oil of the Holy Ghost, which is the truth about the Father’s holy and harmless character of love. Only those who go into the Father’s great heart of love (the Most Holy Place of the Sanctuary because He is our sanctuary) during that first 1260 days (3 ½ years) will be ready for translation at the time of the World Wide Sunday Law Death Decree.

That oil will keep our lamps burning as we continue up the narrow pathway to the Father’s house. That little vessel is strapped on our side or hooked to our belt. Some portraits show the five wise virgins carrying it with a shoulder strap. The Wise Virgins had been filling that oil flask daily so it was full. But the Foolish Virgins did not even have a flask in which to carry any extra oil so when the light in their lamps began to go out they could not see to continue on the path to the Father’s house. That is when, they asked the Wise Virgins to give them some of their oil. The Wise told them they could not do that. Why? Because character is not transferable. “Though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they should deliver but their own souls by their righteousness, saith the Lord God…they shall deliver neither sons nor daughters; they only shall be delivered, but the land shall be desolate.” Jeremiah 14:16.

Next, let’s talk about the weather. You think it is crazy and out of wack now…we haven’t seen anything yet. Nature is going to be totally out of control during the second 1260 day period which will be 3 ½ years literal years. “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” Luke 21:25, 26.

The very next verse describes the coming of Christ Himself “Coming in a cloud with power and great glory.” This will happen at the end of the first 3 ½ years. It will be the first phase of the Second Coming of Christ, the Barley phase, Rev 14:6, 7. The Barley is the same as the Elect or Little Company. There are 24 titles in all which I will show you in a moment. So, although this is all future it is coming and we can see the early signs of it all around us every day. The fall of Babylon has been an ongoing phenomenon spanning over four centuries now.

In fact, the exposure of the evil nature of the whore of Babylon, in its initial (early) stages began about the 13th century, with John Hus, when he translated the Bible from Latin into English. He was called “The Morning Star of the Reformation.” Later it was translated from the original Hebrew and Greek by Luther in Germany in 1539 and a few years later by Wm Tyndale into English although he was burned at the stake before it was published in its present and most popular form in 1611, known as the (KJV) King James Version. Many modern language versions have appeared since then, especially during the 19th and 20th centuries. Although this has caused some controversies among certain Christian denominations, these up-dated versions in our present day, modern way of speaking, have made the Bible much easier to understand. It has also increased its circulation all around the world in hundreds of languages fulfilling Jesus’ prophecy that the Gospel would be “preached in all the world” before the end would come. Matt 24:14. In fact, this is probably the greatest single sign that the Coming of Jesus is near at hand.

There is also a prediction from the Spirit of Prophecy which specifically states: “Those who wait for the Bridegroom’s coming are to say to the people, ‘Behold your God.’ The last rays of merciful light, the last message of mercy to be given to the world, is a revelation of His character of love.” COL 415. But something else is going to happen before this final message is given. Notice: “The coming of the bridegroom was at midnight–the darkest hour. So the coming of Christ will take place in the darkest period of this earth’s history. The days of Noah and Lot pictured the condition of the world just before the coming of the Son of man. The Scriptures pointing forward to this time declare that Satan will work with all power and ‘with all deceivableness of unrighteousness.’ 2 Thess 2:9, 10. His (Satan’s) working is plainly revealed by the rapidly increasing darkness, the multitudinous errors, heresies, and delusions of these last days. Not only is Satan leading the world captive, but his deceptions are leavening the professed churches of our Lord Jesus Christ.” COL 414. Let’s stop there for now, because although the next part of this prophecy has not yet happened, it has begun and will continue to develop, which is the exact word she uses. Notice: “The great apostasy will develop into darkness deep as midnight, impenetrable as sackcloth of hair. To God’s people it will be a night of trial, a night of weeping, a night of persecution for the truth’s sake. But out of that night of darkness God’s light will shine.” COL 415.

But what is it specifically that is going to shine “out of this darkness?” This is what the majority of God’s professed people do not know, realize or understand because they do not have the extra oil, which represents the truth about God’s true character of love. So, let us read on and see if we can understand the truth about this final message, so we may know exactly what this “light” is. “It is the darkness of misapprehension of God that is enshrouding the world. Men are losing their knowledge of His character. It has been misunderstood and misinterpreted. At this time (when the darkness of apostasy reaches its zenith or most intense blackness) a message from God is to be proclaimed, a message illuminating in its influence and saving in its power. His character is to be made known. Into the darkness of the world is to be shed the light of His glory, the light of His goodness, mercy and truth.” COL 415.

So, there it is friends. This final message will be about God’s true character of love…a message about Him which is new light. that has never before been revealed or proclaimed with such power. Oh, yes, there have been little hints of it from the Old Testament. But when Jesus came in the flesh He revealed the fulness of the Father’s character in both His daily life and teachings. For example, He refused to retaliate, even though He was persecuted and rejected, to the extent of being nailed to the cross. Because of this all those little hints (clues and intimations) from the O.T. (such as Isaiah 53) became a mighty REVELATION OF HEAVENLY TRUTH in the life and teachings of our Blessed Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Now, let’s take a closer, more in-depth look at Christ’s parables during the 3 ½ years of His earthly ministry. Jesus often used examples from nature to illustrate His parables. In Matt 13 He told (1) The Parable of the Sower. (2) The Wheat & the Tares. (3) The Mustard seed and the (4) The parable of the leaven which was hid in three measures of meal. In each of these parables there is one constant theme. Growth through Maturation and Development. We see this in the seed the sower casts or plants into the soil which goes through several stages of growth until it is mature and ready for the harvest. Jesus Himself said: “The kingdom of God is like this. A man scatters seed on the land;…and the seed sprouts and grows–how, he does not know. The ground produces a crop by itself, first the blade, then the ear, then full-grown in the ear; but as soon as the crop is ripe, he plies the sickle, because harvest-time has come.” Mark 4:26-28. NEB.

The same is true with the Wheat & the Tares. They grow up together with no discernable difference until the time of the harvest. Jesus said that the “Harvest is the End of the World.” Matt 13:39. Through the centuries, up until Martin Luther and the Reformation, the Wesleyan revival during the 1700’s in the British Isles as well as the Great Advent movement of the 1840s to our present day, no one has ever explained the deeper meaning of the “Harvest.” And what is that deeper meaning? It is simply Christ’s coming in our day, will have three stages to it. In other words, the Second Coming of Christ, which will be the climatic end point of this glorious Gospel age, is not a one time event, as has been commonly taught in almost all Christian religions.

How do I know this? From the Jewish Harvest Cycle itself, which has three distinct phases or times of harvest reaping. (1) Barley. (2) Wheat. (3) Grape. Jesus did not have to spell this out to His disciples because every Jew knew those three phases just as we in North America know we have four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. When we speak of the “Yearly cycle” everyone knows that there are four distinct seasons every year with 12 months. In the book of Ruth we read that Naomi and Ruth returned to Bethlehem “in the beginning of barley harvest.” Ruth 1:22. Then in Ruth 2:23 we read that she worked “unto the end of barley harvest and of wheat harvest.” When I first began to realize this truth about the three phases of the Harvest the Lord brought to my mind that the Three Angel’s messages of Rev 14:12 correlate perfectly with these three phases of the Harvest.

For example, the first angel’s message will be given by the Barley people (Elect) who I discovered are like Gideon and his 300. Judges 6 and 7. EGW refers to them as “The Little Company.” The Second Angel’s Message refers to the Wheat (144,00) the richest part of the harvest which follows the Barley in sequence, as we see in Rev 14:1 There these 144,000 are pictured as standing with the Lamb (Jesus) on Mt Zion “having His Father’s name written in their foreheads.” In Rev 14:2, 3 John says: “And I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps: And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.” These 144,000 have to learn this song. So, who is teaching it to them? It would have to be the harpers who already know it, which would be the Gideon types, the Barley group or Little Company (EW 269-271) who were the first of the First Fruits to be translated. There are 24 titles or names which apply to this same group. Here they are:

24 Titles or designations of the Final High Command Army of Jesus Christ.

1. Kings of the East, Rev. 16:2. 2. Those who have insight (margin says “Instructors) Dan. 11:33, 12:3. 3. Tower of the Flock, Hill of the daughter of Zion. Micah 4:8. 4. Rock or Stone that is cut out of the mountain without hands. Dan. 2:45. 5. His holy Arm, The salvation of our God. Isa. 52:10. 6.The Sons of God. Rom. 8:19. 7. The Elect. Matt. 24:22. 8. The Generation to come, the People yet to be created. Psalm 22:30, 31; 102:18. 9. The Meek, Merciful & the Pure in Heart who are peacemakers. Zeph 2:3; Matt 5:5, 7, 8, 9. 10. The perfection of beauty. Psalm 50:2. 11. The People who know the joyful sound. Psalm 89:15. 12. Thy Mighty Ones. Joel 3:11. 13. The White horse of Rev. 19:11; Zech. 10:3. 14. The Sharp Sickle. Rev. 14:14; Joel 13:13. Isa. 41:15; Jer. 51:20. 15. The Branch 23:5, 6; Zech. 3:8, 9. 16. A Barley Cake or Loaf. Judges 7:13_15; Ruth. 17. Church of Philadelphia, Rev. 3:7_12. 18. The Man_child, Isa. 66:7_9; Rev. 12:5. 19. The Sons of Oil. Zech. 4:14. 20. Jewels or Special Treasure, Mal. 3:16_18. 21. Shepherd, man that is my fellow, Zech 13:7. 22. The Wise who understand. Dan. 12:10. 23. The weeping, sorrowful sowers, Zeph 3:18, Psalm 126:6. 24. The Christos, Rev 11:15; 12:10.

The above titles do not apply to the 144,000 because they are still sleeping during the first 3 ½ years right up until the World Wide Sunday Law Death Decree. These titles or designations are descriptions of the various aspects of the “Watchmen on the walls of Zion,” who are not sleeping. The Ten Sleeping Virgins of Matt. 25 wake up at the midnight hour, when they hear the cry go forth, “The Bridegroom is coming.” But only five have the extra oil to light their path to the Father’s house.

Now let’s look at the progressive revelation of the character of God message in our day. Although Luther, Calvin and other lesser known reformation preachers did not teach the character message, they did teach Justification by faith as opposed to what the Catholic Church had taught since the days of Constantine, 325 AD, and later St Augustine. Jacob Arminius, a Dutch reformer and John Wesley of England continued refining Justification by faith, including with it the concept of free will, as opposed to Calvin’s theory of predestination. But it was not until 1888 that the “righteousness of Christ” was truly preached through the lectures of A.T. Jones and E. G. Waggoner. This was a critical turning point in the history of the Great Controversy although few have realized it yet. But this was the beginning of the character of God message. Listen:

“The time of test is just upon us for the loud cry of the Third Angel has already begun in the revelation of the Righteousness of Christ, the sin pardoning Redeemer. This is the beginning of the light of the angel whose glory shall fill the whole earth.” RH Nov 22, 1892. And this is what is going to cause Babylon to fall. Just as light destroys the darkness, so the revelation of Christ’s righteousness is what will destroy the darkness of the Wine of Roman Babylon. Here is a little of what I wrote in my book “INTO THE FATHER’S HEART.” page 59.


If you were to ask a sincere Christian why he is trying to study deeply into Christ Our Righteousness, he would probably say something like this: “Well, I am trying to learn how to receive enough faith from Christ so I can be like Him; that is, live the same kind of victorious life that He lived.” And I think that is a good answer. In our study, however, I wish to tie two additional, or shall we say “neglected,” aspects of Christ’s Righteousness into the picture, to enable us to see this whole concept in its totality and completeness.

Many sincere Christians who believe in Jesus want nothing to do with the Law. But they do not realize that when they say this they are actually rejecting Christ’s righteousness, for His rightness or righteousness comes as a result of His perfect obedience to His Father’s Law, which is the center of the whole controversy. Jesus became righteous and formed a Character like His heavenly Father because He permitted His Father’s love and power and Law to be imprinted upon His mind and life fully.

And so the LAW OF GOD or the TEN COMMANDMENTS and GOD’S CHARACTER are two aspects of the study of RIGHTEOUSNESS BY FAITH that I wish to emphasize and tie in here in this study. Notice Psalms 119:172. “My tongue shall speak of thy word; for all thy commandments are righteousness.” The word CHARACTER is not used in the Bible per se, but we can find it implied all the way through. Character means the distinctive qualities or traits that form a person’s personality or identify him. It has to do with his conduct more than anything else. That is why the Ten Commandments are called the MORAL law; for this law has to do with moral conduct and behavior in society.

The word moral is not used in the Bible, per se, but we can see that the Ten Commandments are concerned with our conduct or morals which is the way we live and conduct our lives each day. The reason Jesus was able to live a perfectly righteous life was because His Father’s Law or Character was written in His heart. “I DELIGHT TO DO THY WILL O MY GOD: YEA, THY LAW IS WITHIN MY HEART.” Psalms 40:8. I often ask people if they believed Jesus ever hurt or killed anyone while He was on earth. Of course, they cannot recall such an incident being recorded in any of the four gospels because it never happened. So, why didn’t Jesus ever hurt or kill anyone? Because, as we just read from Ps 40:8, God’s law was written in His heart. Furthermore, the 6th commandment clearly states: “Thou shalt not kill.” Some will protest saying, “The original Hebrew reads: ‘Thou shalt not murder.’ Therefore, when God kills people He is not breaking that commandment.” But friends, that is not true, because the original Hebrew word can be translated “Kill or murder,” either one. It is from the Hebrew word, “RATSACH.” In addition to that Jesus told the Jews: “You are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” John 8:44. Now, we must ask this question: What right would Jesus have to call Satan a murderer, if in fact He Himself kills people? Of course, he would have no right at all.

Now, let’s go back to Psalm 40 where we read what Jesus says to His Father: “I have preached RIGHTEOUSNESS in the congregation: lo, I have not refrained my lips, O Lord, thou knowest. I have not HID THY RIGHTEOUSNESS WITHIN MY HEART; I HAVE DECLARED THY FAITHFULNESS and thy Salvation: I have not concealed thy LOVING-KINDNESS AND THY TRUTH from the great congregation.” Psalms 40:9,10. Let’s catch the full import of these scriptures. Jesus is here talking to His Father in heaven, telling Him that He is revealing to the people all the truth about Him, the Father. Let us keep in mind beloved, that when we are talking about truth, righteousness, holiness, perfection, law, and character, we are using words that are synonymous or equal to the attributes of God. Now why would Jesus want to make such a big deal about His PR campaign down here on earth for His Father?

Ithought everyone already knew that God the Father was a nice person, always kind, loving and gentle like Jesus. But all the Jews had to go on for their concept of Jehovah is what they had read and heard interpreted to them by their priests from the Old Testament scriptures and what they themselves had been taught in their own traditions. So, what kind of picture did they have of God? Well, their rigorous adherence to multitudinous rules and man-made regulations indicated that they believed in a very strict, unyielding and unbending deity who would serve judgment upon the sinner without a moment’s notice for the least departure from any of these laws.

It was not a religion to bring joy or happiness to the heart or face. When you put with this the continuous slaughter of animals and the constant haggling and quarreling over the purchase price of animals for sacrifice, one begins to see the kind of picture that generation had of God. He was to them a God that demanded strict obedience and a lot of blood and money. He was a God who loved to destroy His enemies in battle to show His superiority over the false gods of the heathen. He was a God who would curse you if you disobeyed. “The Lord shall send upon thee cursing, vexation, and rebuke, in all that thou settest thine hand unto for to do, until thou be destroyed, and until thou perish quickly….” He was a God who would smite you. “The Lord shall smite thee with a consumption, and with a fever, and with an inflammation and with an extreme burning, and with the Sword, and with blasting, and with mildew.” Deuteronomy 28:15,20,22.

Is it any wonder that they considered all sickness and disease a direct judgment from God? To help the sick and suffering would be interfering with God’s disciplinary measures. The parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) pointed out this concept. So, is it any wonder that the Jews did not accept Christ when He came to them talking about a God of love and mercy and telling them that He had been sent to heal the sick and poor? It just blew their minds away because the Messiah they wanted and thought they needed was like the God of the Old Testament, a mighty warrior king who went to battle and destroyed all of his enemies. They did not realize that the “god” they were serving was really Satan as Jesus told them in John 8:44. “You are of your father, the devil.”

So, now here we are over 2,000 years after Christ went back to heaven and the majority of Christians still have the same concept of God the Father as the Jews of old. And this is precisely what caused ancient Israel to fall into temptation and sin at Kadesh Barnea, when they were on the very borders of the land of Canaan, ready to cross over the Jordan river and take possession of their promised home. So, why didn’t that happen then? Why did they end up wandering 40 years in the desert? What was their problem? The answer is that they had a wrong concept of God the same as the worshipers of Baal. This was Israel’s problem all through their wilderness wanderings as well as when they finally entered into the promised land.

Only one generation after Joshua died Israel went into apostasy. “And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord, and served Baalim. And they forsook the Lord God of their fathers, which brought them out of the land of Egypt, and followed other gods, of the gods of the people that were round about them, and bowed themselves unto them, and provoked the Lord to anger. And they forsook the Lord, and served Baal and Ashtaroth.” Judges 2:11-13. Notice the two names, Baal and Ashtoreth. Baal is the male heathen deity and Ashtoreth (later Astarte or Diana) is the female deity. Now, who are they counterfeiting and taking the place of? Of course, they are counterfeiting the true and original who is Jesus Christ, of the Old Testament, who is also known as Michael and His Shekinah, who is called by two other names: Wisdom and Gabrielle. Dan 10. This was 1425 BC, 425 years before David was crowned king of Israel. Read through the book of Judges and you will see how many times Israel abandoned the worship of the true God and began worshiping the heathen gods. But why? One reason was because of intermarriage with their heathen neighbors. “They (Israel) took their daughters in marriage and gave their own daughters to their sons; and they worshiped their gods.” Judges 3:6. But what was there about the heathen gods that was so attractive? Notice that it says that Israel “worshiped their gods.” Another reason is because they changed their diet and began eating the “junk food” the heathen ate and drinking their wine.

To clearly understand just how great this sin of worshiping those heathen/pagan gods really is we need to define the word “worship.” Webster’s defines “worship” thusly: “reverent honor and homage paid to God or a sacred personage, or to any object regarded as sacred…to render religious reverence and homage.” In I Cor 10 Paul explains how the children of Israel in the desert fell into idolatry by worshiping the false gods of the heathen nations who lived near them. “But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to god: and I would not that you should have fellowship with devils.” vs 20. We know that there are two supernatural powers in the world. There is the Spirit of the true God and then there is the evil spirit of Satan. As soon as Israel began worshiping those false gods or deities, the very spirit of those demons, went into their hearts and minds. Once Satan was able to gain access to their minds he then began to also control their bodies.

After 4,000 years the human race had been so degraded by these evil spirits that humanity was on the brink of total self-destruction. Listen: “The deception of sin had reached its height. All the agencies for depraving the souls of men had been put in operation. The Son of God, looking upon the world, beheld suffering and misery. With pity He saw how men had become victims of satanic cruelty. He looked with compassion upon those who were being corrupted, murdered, and lost. They had chosen a ruler who chained them to his car as captives. Bewildered and deceived, they were moving on in gloomy procession toward eternal ruin,–to death in which is no hope of life…Satanic agencies were incorporated with men. The bodies of human beings, made for the dwelling place of God, had become the habitation of demons. The senses, the nerves, the passions, the organs of men, were worked by supernatural agencies in the indulgence of the vilest lust. The very stamp of demons was impressed upon the countenances of men. Human faces reflected the expression of the legions of evil with which they were possessed. Such was the prospect upon which the world’s Redeemer looked. What a spectacle for Infinite Purity to behold!” Desire of Ages, page 36.

Notice carefully what the Spirit of the Lord inspired His servant to write regarding how “supernatural agencies” (evil spirits or demons) had been allowed to inhabit and control human beings leading them into degrading and abominable sexual practices. This is precisely what the religion of Baal did. And this is what the prophet Ezekiel was shown the leaders of the nation doing in Ezekiel 8 about 586 BC. Now, today these same evil spirits have learned how to gain access to the minds and bodies of larger and ever larger segments of the population of our present world, especially in the big cities.

In order to have accomplished this phenomenal feat of evil Satan had to be allowed to use the world wide internet electronic system that has been invented and developed so that people from one side of the globe could communicate with people on the other side simultaneously. And that is exactly what the internet has done. And it is being used both for good and evil bbecause man has the power of choice, within limits of God’s permissive will, as we read in Job 38:8-11. “When I established its bounds, fixing its doors and bars in place, and said, ‘Thus far shall you come and no farther, and here your surging waves shall halt.” NEB. “All earthly powers are under the control of the Infinite One. To the mightiest ruler, to the most cruel oppressor, He says, “Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further.” Job 38:11. God’s power is constantly exercised to counteract the agencies of evil; He is ever at work among men, not for their destruction, but for their correction and preservation.” Patriarch’s & Prophets, 694.

There is an unseen power in this world men refer to as Mother Nature, which is the original Creator of this planet, as we read in Proverbs 8:22-31, who was a Co-Creator with the Son of God under the power and guidance of their Father & Mother, Yahweh & El Shaddai. This truth is hidden in the Hebrew Tetragrammaton (YHVH). Tetra in Greek also means “four.” “The Bible shows us God in His high and holy place, not in a state of inactivity, not in silence and solitude, but surrounded by ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands of holy beings, all waiting to do His will. Through these messengers He is in active communication with every part of His dominion. By His Spirit He is everywhere present. Through the agency of His Spirit and His angels He ministers to the children of men. Above the distractions of the earth He sits enthrone; all things are open to His divine survey; and from His great and calm eternity He orders that which His providence sees best.” MH 417.

“In the annals of human history, the growth of nations, the rise and fall of empires, appear as if dependent on the will and prowess of man; the shaping of events seems, to a great degree, to be determined by his power, ambition, or caprice. But in the word of God the curtain is drawn aside, and we behold, above, behind, and through all the play and counter play of human interest and power and passions, the agencies of the All-merciful One, silently, patiently working out the counsels of His own will.” Prophets and Kings, Page 499, 500.

In the next paragraph the author pursues this thought further by quoting Acts 17:24-27 to prove God’s “Divine Purpose” and guiding hand not only in the creation of the nations (including every human life) but in their distribution or location on the planet. In other words, our beautiful and magnificent God has been and still is involved in the year by year, day by day and even the hour by hour and minute by minute activity of every event, every scenario in this earth. He not only controls and limits but shapes and guides events in every realm of life from the cradle to the grave. “Above the distractions of the earth He sits enthroned. All things are open to His Divine survey and from His great calm eternity He orders that which His Providence sees best.” MH 417.

In light of all that we have just read about God’s guiding hand and His protective Sovereignty over all the nations of mankind since the beginning of time how can we defend the Creator for allowing all of this false, counterfeit, degrading and demonic sexual activity to be going on all over the world? Why doesn’t He stop it? The answer is that man was given a 1. A free will with the God given birth right to choose right from wrong. 2. He, men and women both, were also given a conscience. From my own experience with people throughout the years of my ministry I have learned that most people have a limited amount of information and/or knowledge about God. Even people raised in a church environment often know very little unless they have prayed very deeply for the Holy Ghost to guide them and then read the Scriptures for themselves.

Even in the cyber sex chat rooms God can make contact. In fact, I found some sites who are dedicated to witnessing for Christ in the chat rooms themselves. The Lord will never allow any soul to go beyond the pale (limits or bounds) of His influence. King Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 4) is a perfect example of this in the OT as well as Saul of Tarsus in the N.T. “As I live, says the Lord God…Every living soul belongs to me; father and son alike are mine. The soul that sins shall die.” Ezek 18:3. “For the kingdom is the Lord’s; and He is the governor among the nations. All they that be fat upon earth shall eat and worship: all they that go down to the dust shall bow before Him: and none can keep alive his own soul.” Psalm 22:29. There are many other Scriptures which say the same thing re: God’s plan of the ages for each human being ever born. This subject is called “Universal Restoration” and is level #4 of the 7 levels of God’s true character of love. Let us remember that part of the original covenant God made with Adam & Eve was “Be fruitful, and multiply.” KJV, Gen 1:28. The NEB reads: “Be fruitful and increase, fill the earth and subdue it.”

But the most shocking revelation of all is the blatant and incredible fact that without a working knowledge of the finer techniques of masturbation these chat rooms could not flourish, let alone exist. Because masturbation is the catalyst (causative factor) that has taken the chat room Cyber sex phenomenon to the highest level of sexual communication between people of all races around the world without ever having had to know let alone meet anyone in person. All you need is a computer, a key board and web cam (not necessary but visually stimulating) and you are ready to enter the world of cyber sex in the chat room where anything goes and guilt and sin are the two bad words never to be spoken. Cyber sex in the chat rooms is the latest thing Satan has devised to control and degrade the masses.

Because of the almost hyper Victorian mind set of the 19th and early 20th century, spokesmen for the leading churches of the Christian world, Protestant and Catholic both never dealt with, let alone tried to explain the sexual sins of ancient Israel because things like that just were not discussed in public. But now that the pendulum of history has swung to the complete opposite side of this issue, causing a major paradigm shift in the thinking of all people, secular and religious, taboo topics such as the gross evils of Baal worship can be exposed for what they truly are, the sins of Babylon today which is detailed in Rev 18. The following article was sent out Sept 9th, to my GLC e-mail readers:

Dear Friend of mine,

If you had asked me about cyber sex in chat rooms before Aug 20th I would not have been able to tell you anything about it because I didn’t have a clue. But all of a sudden I got hit over the head very hard when a young person was caught and exposed as being an addict on the web cam. They were put in contact with me to talk and pray with them. So, after some serious talk and discussion I began to realize what I was up against in trying to help this person when they confessed that they felt they had many evil spirits who were possessing them and leading them to do this, to the point of exposing themselves on the web cam to others in order to excite others as well as themselves sexually. After praying with this person and assuring them of God’s love and forgiveness the Lord impressed me to do some research and write an article exposing this modern day evil of cyber sex in the chat rooms across the world. The first thing I realized that I had to do was understand what the attraction was … the draw to this whole thing. So, I went to google.com and asked “What goes on in the chat rooms?”

Let me explain to you what I found out and how I believe this whole thing started. Believe it or not , Rome, via the Vatican and Jesuit order also known as the “Society of Jesus” is the brains behind it because the very principle of the chat room has been going on for centuries in the Confessional where the priest draws out their penitents to “confess” all of their sins. When boys and girls start into puberty (ages 12 -14) many of them begin to have sexual fantasies and dreams about the opposite sex. And this is a normal part of growing up to be an adult and maturing into manhood and womanhood.

By the way the Catholic Church is also responsible for homosexuality and pedophilia because of the diabolical doctrine of Celibacy. Paul predicted this would happen and says that it is from Satan. “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron, forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.” I Tim 4:1-3.

As the priests encourages the banter or chit chat, these young people (mainly in their teens and 20’s) keep on telling more and more of their secrets sins, affairs and sexual fantasies. And what this is designed to do is cause them to become sexually aroused so they either have an affair with the priest himself or some man or go home and masturbate. You can find out what I am referring to in some of the samples you can find through www.google.com . Just ask the question: “What are the evils going on in the cyber sex chat rooms?” This is an evil that needs to be exposed. In his book, “The Priest, The Woman and the Confessional,” ex Catholic priest, Charles Chiniquy reveals how the confessional (Auricular confession) is a deep pit of Perdition for the Priest. Chapter III “The Confessional is the Modern Sodom.” In chapter 6 he deals tells how “Auricular confession destroys all the Sacred Ties of Marriage and Human Society.”

When Satan comes, claiming to be Jesus Christ, the long awaited Messiah, the majority of the world will already have the spirit of the devil in their hearts from these chat room sessions of sexual fantasies via talking with anonymous partners and looking at porn. The spirit of the evil one will already be in their hearts and minds and they will welcome him as their “lord and god.”

Now let’s ask this question. “Why was it that Ancient Israel apostatized so often into Baal worship?” Read Ezekiel 8 in a modern translation and you will begin to understand more clearly the perverted sexual images Ezekiel was shown. Because the KJV and even many modern versions of the Bible have basically avoided and/or sanitized the truth about what the religion of Baal was all about this forbidden, taboo topic of sex has only recently burst onto the our end-time theological time table with a song and dance that is impossible to deny, cover up or avoid. Little did the people of Israel know, let alone even suspect, that their “holy” leaders were secretly engaging in their own ancient version of Cyber sex right in the sanctuary itself in the imaginations of their filthy minds. No wonder they were taken into captivity and their city (Jerusalem) destroyed. You can read about it in Ezek 8 and 9. Paul also describes it in Rom 1:18-28. We have heard a lot the last few years about how evil abortion and homosexuality are but who would have suspected that masturbation is actually the most subtle form of demonic infiltration into the human mind and spirit yet to be exposed.

In my ongoing journey to better understand the seven levels of the character of God the Holy ghost has recently led me into an in-depth study of the main cause of why Ancient Israel apostatized so often into Baal worship. This will take us deep into the 7th level which is Transformation & Translation based on Rom 12:1, 2 as well as the book of Hebrews. “There remains therefore a rest to the people of God.” Heb 4:9. What is Paul talking about here? The word “rest” means “Sabbath,” which in its deeper and ultimate significance and intent means to become One with our Creator…to be married to them, to become part of their family by adoption as Paul says in Rom 8:15, 23; Rom 9:4. Gal 4:5; Eph 1:5. “You have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.” This will also work in us the purifying perfection of our souls Paul refers to in Rom 12:1, 2. “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that you prove (sense & learn from your own experience) what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.”

Read Ezekiel 8 in a modern translation. Because the KJV and even many modern versions of the Bible have basically avoided and/or sanitized the truth about what the religion of Baal was really all about. This forbidden, taboo topic of sex has only recently burst onto our end-time theological time table with a song and dance that is impossible to deny, cover up or avoid. Little did the people of Israel know, let alone even suspect, that their “holy” leaders were secretly engaging in their own ancient version of cyber sex right in the sanctuary itself in the imaginations of their filthy minds. No wonder they were taken into captivity and their city (Jerusalem) destroyed.

We read about it in Ezek 8:1-6 when a member of the God head (probably Michael and/or his Shekinah) took Ezekiel inside of the sanctuary to show him in progressive visions the enormity of the apostasy. Ezekiel was probably in a state of shock. Well, who wouldn’t be!

The “Image of Jealousy” is the counterfeit goddess, i.e. Asherah, later named Astarte and Diana (of Ephesus). It was a statue of this Canaanite imposter or counterfeit of the true Queen of heaven and Mother of Israel, Wisdom or Shekinah. What was the result of this false worship? “He said to me, Son of man, do you see what they are doing, the great abominations they are practicing there, driving Me away from My sanctuary?” Ezek 8:6.

In his book, “The Hebrew Goddess” Raphael Patai comments on this “Image of Jealousy” on page 50. He says that Ezekiel was given “a great vision of the sins of Judah which, in his prophecy, appear as the cause of her impending doom.” As in all ages that which is most pernicious and dangerous to our spiritual welfare is that which God’s people are the most blind to is so obvious in Ezek 8. Ezekiel himself didn’t have a clue that the very leaders of the nation were totally caught up in this Satanic worship of this false goddess, Astarte (later known as Diana).

Their minds were blinded to the enormity of this evil and how much pain and suffering it was causing their true Creator God, the Shekinah, the true Mother God of Israel, whom they replaced with this false image. “Ezekiel’s visionary enumeration of idolatrous practices is arranged in a crescendo: every next rite mentioned is a ‘greater abomination’ than the preceding one. Taken literally, this means that, in the judgment of Ezekiel, the presence of the ‘Image of Jealousy’ was considered the smallest sin, followed in increasing order by the burning of incense to creeping things, beasts, and other idols, the mourning of Tammuz, and finally the worship of the sun.” Pg 51.

This statue of Asherah was set up in the Temple by King Manasseh about 698 BC. See 2 Kings 21. “And he did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord, after the abominations of the heathen, whom the Lord cast out before the children of Israel. For he built up again (after the reformation in Elijah’s day) the high places which Hezekiah his father had destroyed; and he reared up altars for Baal, and made a grove, as did Ahab king of Israel; and worshiped all the host of heaven, (evil angels) and served them. And he built altars in the house of the Lord, of which the Lord said, In Jerusalem will I put my name…And he made his son pass through the fire, and observed times, and used enchantments, and dealt with familiar spirits and wizards: he wrought much wickedness in the sight of the Lord, to provoke him to anger.” 2 Kings 21:2-6. This wicked king reigned 55 years and took Israel to the depths of evil and sexual depravity, worse than the heathen. “Moreover Manasseh shed innocent blood very much, till he had filled Jerusalem from one end to another.” 2 Kings 21:16.

This clearly proves that the worship of Baal and Astarte always brought violence because the evil spirits were able to possess the minds of the people leading them to abandon all the restraints which maintained law and order. Amon only reigned two years and did the same evil as his father. But then Josiah, the next king, brought in reform which lasted until the final kings of Judah came and went in succession until 605 BC when the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, came and conquered Jerusalem. So, we see the see saw battle between good and evil during these years preceding the first fall of Jerusalem. What we have missed in all of this study is the terrible suffering of the true King and Queen of heaven, Michael and Gabrielle.

The Lord has been speaking to me about the importance of understanding their suffering during that time, 600 years before Jesus actually came in a body of flesh to reveal the truth about our wonderful heavenly Father. Then after Jesus was crucified, rose and returned to heaven we see that Jerusalem was once again destroyed in AD 70. Now, here we are 2000 years later and the controversy is still going on. Until we fully enter into the Father’s heart and understand how He really feels about all that has happened in the past, as well as what is going today, this Great Controversy is not going to be finished. He is waiting for us to be willing to know how He feels and that can only happen if we are willing to go into His great heart of love.

The prophet Daniel seems to have had a special insight into God’s heart deeper than any of the people of his time. He prayed three times a day. “Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house; and his window being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before His God, as he did afore time.” Jewish scholar and writer, Raphael Patai wrote about “God and the Shekinah.” He also refers to them as the Son and the Daughter, through whom the original Father and Mother created the universe including this world. They “created the world for the sake of man, and His self-limitation, involved in the act of creation, showed how great was God’s love of man, even before He actually created him. Once the creation of the world was accomplished, the All consisted of two parts: God and the world. No sooner did Adam become a sentient (conscious) being than he began to contemplate the physical and spiritual worlds into which he was placed, and committed a grave sin that ever since has dogged the steps of man. God’s spiritual being was comprised of ten Sefirot (emanations or aspects), but in contemplating God Adam mistook the tenth and lowest sefira, that of Malkhut, or Kingdom, which was the Shekhina, the female manifestation of God, for the totality of the Godhead. Since the Creator endowed Adam (and through him men in general) with the power of influencing the condition of the Godhead On High, by doing so Adam caused a fissure to occur between God and the Shekina. Ever since this first original spiritual sin, man has ever and again repeated it–a mythical event that occurred in illo tempore is bound to be repeated, reenacted, again and again–and thus reintroduced, and made even more painful, the separation between God and His spouse, the Shekhina.” The Hebrew Goddess, page 158.

The power of just one human being believing and praying to God is shown when the good thief prayed to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Luke 23:42, 43. Jesus then told the thief that he would indeed be with Him in paradise. Then vs 44 says there was three hours of darkness which suddenly lifted at the 9th hour when the thief spoke His faith and belief that Jesus was the King (Messiah) who was destined to have a kingdom. This thief’s testimony was the third witness that was needed to convince the Heavenly Council that the human race was worth saving. This is according to the law of Moses which says that there must be two or three witnesses to establish a matter. Jesus said in John 5:31-37 that His witness of Himself was not enough to establish the truth. He said that John was another witness. “But I have greater witness than that of John: for the works which the Father has given Me to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of me, that the Father has sent Me. And the Father Himself, which has sent me, has borne witness of Me.”

So, there you have four witnesses before He went to the cross. So, when the Universal council hears the witness of the thief on the cross that is enough, just one single human being from planet earth to testify that He believes Jesus is a King who will enter into His kingdom in the future. That was enough to persuade the Heavenly Council to cast their vote of acquittal for the Father, in His favor. And as soon as that was done Jesus knew that it was time to say, “It is finished.” Because He saw the darkness lift and knew that He had won the victory and His Father’s throne was now secure.

Now, notice this: “Three times a day a miracle took place with the wings of the Cherubim. When the holiness of the king [i.e., God] revealed itself over them, the Cherubim, (Michael & Gabrielle) of themselves, stretched out their wings and covered their bodies with them…A cloud descended, and when it settled upon the Lid (of the mercy seat), the wings of the Cherubim intertwined and they beat them and sang a song…And the Priest in the Temple heard their voices as he was putting the incense in its place…The two Cherubim, one male and one female, both sang…”And he heard the Voice speaking unto him.” Rabbi Yitzhak said: From this we learn that God is “just and right,” that is, male and female, and likewise the Cherubim were male and female.” Zohar III. 59a. Pg. 93, “The Hebrew Goddess.”

Chapter VIII entitled “Yihudim-Unifications” is dedicated to the concept of “unification.” There are four types of rituals. One of them is the enunciation of a rather simple declaratory statement, prior to reciting a prayer or performing a mitzvah (“commandment”), to the effect that the intention of the person doing so is to bring about the unification of God and the Shekhina. Evidently this was the purpose and motive Daniel had when he prayed three times a day. And possibly the two Cherubim who intertwined themselves in a sexual embrace and sang a song to each other three times a day were also performing a Yihudim to the Father for the salvation and unification of Israel. Based on the life of Jesus and the writings of the NT, especially Paul, we can see that when we “Praise the Lord for all things” Eph 5:20 we are in that very moment becoming One with our Lord, His Shekinah, as well as with His Father and Mother, all four, i.e. the God family.

“One of the most remarkable innovations of the Kabbala is the idea that it is the supreme duty-and privilege-of the religiously accomplished man to bring about a unification between God the king and His estranged spouse, the Shekhina (or Matronit). We have seen above something of the Talmudic-Midrashic antecedents of the idea that the Shekhina-originally conceived as God’s visible and audible presence on earth-had her abode in the Temple, and that when the Temple was destroyed she was forced to go into exile. We have also learned that the union between man and wife was considered by the Zohar a replica of the union between God and the Shekhina, and, at the same time, the fulfillment of one of the greatest sacred commandments, because it mystically promoted that divine union and thus contributed to the oneness and wholeness of the deity. However, the Zohar went a significant step farther than this. It expanded the concept of the influence human conduct exerted on the state of the deity from the sexual union between husband and wife to all acts performed b man, or at least, to all religiously meaningful acts. As the Zoharic text puts it, Israel achieved royal rank because of its ‘diligent efforts (“hishtadlut’) in the Tora and the commandments to unite the Holy One, blessed be He, and His Shekhina, to bring the King [i.e., God] to His place and to His hosts on High…'” The Hebrew Goddess, page 162.

In light of this insightful information we can clearly see the purpose and motive of Satan in disrupting family unity between the husband and the wife, because if he can split them apart they will not perform their sexual privilege and duty to reveal true love and bring forth children, fulfilling the original command to “be fruitful and multiply.” This would also explain why Satan would set up a counterfeit worship system which would defile and pollute the hearts of those who came to pray and worship God, thinking they were praying to the true God when in reality they were worshiping Satan himself and he in turn would put his own evil, lustful, carnal spirit into their hearts and minds so he could possess them, manipulate their feelings and emotions so they would desire to have same sex relations among themselves, men and women, as well as with animals. Not only would this cause a breach between God and man it would be wasting the man’s seed (semen) thus preventing true intercourse in which the woman would become impregnated and bear a child. Instead the participants in this demon infested false orgy of worship would become angry, confused and violent toward himself and others.

The Lord asked the prophet Ezekiel after he showed him all of the false, abominable worship the leaders of Judah were performing to the false gods and goddesses, “Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? (In the very sanctuary itself) for they have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke me to anger: and, lo, they put the branch to their nose.” Ezek 8:16, 17. So, we can see that this false worship leads to violence and death because it is Satan and his demons of murder, rape and every horrible violent act who are leading the people to do these very things. “And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them.” Gen 6:13.

“As it was in the days of Noah” so shall it be in these end days.

Beloved, we are now on level #7, at the very gate which will prepare us for translation from this dark dimension into the dimension of light. The same Shekinah glory which manifested herself all throughout the Old Testament is willing to enlighten our hearts and minds so we can pass this test. May the Lord bless you as you continue to read and study to this end.

As this Great Controversy is coming to its close in this our day, in order to get the victory, we must understand how Satan was able to lead Israel to worship him in the past so he could possess their mind and spirit and thus force the true God out of their hearts and minds. Who is “jealous?” Is it the true God or the false one, Satan? Of course, it is the false God because jealousy is a carnal trait which raises the question as to who really is the “jealous” God in the Old Testament? Of course, there is a “godly” type of Jealousy which Paul speaks of in 2 Cor 11:2. “For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.” So, there is a positive type of jealousy which serves a good purpose. Song of Solomon 8:6; Zech 8:2; 1:14; Rom 10:19; Ezek 38:19. Is there not reason for the Lord to have a righteous and jealous concern for His children who are being deceived and seduced into the worship of demons, posing as messengers of God? “A (the) Spirit lifted me up between heaven and earth, carried me to Jerusalem in a vision of God and put me down at the entrance to the inner gate facing north, where stands the image of Lust (Jealousy) to rouse lustful passion. The glory of the God of Israel was there, like the vision I had seen in the plain….the monstrous abominations which the Israelites practice here are driving me far from my sanctuary…” Ezek 8:3-5. Israel was married to the Lord so she is committing adultery while the Lord is forced to watch. Can you imagine the emotional trauma and mental agony our Lord was feeling as He saw this day after day? I do not think we have the least little inkling of the suffering that our God has been going through during the ages past because of His people. But today it must be even worse due to the increased apostasy and sinfulness of our times. Let us vow that we will not add to His sufferings but help to alleviate and stop His pain by cooperating with Him to get this final message to the world while probation lingers.

Paul also describes this same experience when He wrote, “Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves.” Rom 1:24. So, they were performing perverted homosexual acts right in the sanctuary itself. Rom 1:18-28. We have heard a lot the last few years about how evil abortion and homosexuality are but who would have suspected that masturbation is actually the most subtle form of demonic infiltration into the human mind and spirit yet to be exposed. This is what I intend to reveal in this study.

As I have explained, it was through an odd series of circumstances I recently became aware of the world wide spread of cyber sex in the so-called chat rooms of the USA, Japan, Manila in the Philippines, China and all of Asia as well as Europe and the whole world, where anything goes, day and night 24/7. I want to make it clear that I have not joined any of these chat rooms but have only read about them and what goes on when people do join and become involved. The most shocking revelation in my research is the blatant and incredible fact that without a working knowledge of the finer techniques of masturbation these chat rooms could not flourish, let alone exist.

Why? Because masturbation is the catalyst (causative factor) that has taken the chat room Cyber sex phenomenon to the highest level of sexual communication between people of all races around the world without ever having had to know, let alone meet anyone in person. All they use is a computer, key board and web cam (not necessary but visually stimulating) and you are ready to enter the world of cyber sex in the chat rooms where anything goes and guilt and sin are the two bad words never to be spoken.

This is the latest sexual invention or experiment in our modern world which has cast aside the advice of our hyper Victorian mothers and grandmothers long gone to their dusty graves. Although we may not agree with their repressive concept of God’s original plan for men and women, the Lord used them as a restraint on society for the first 60 years or more of this century. And then the “Sexual Revolution,” took over and we now see the result.

So, this is a new day when hedonism (if it feels good, do it) is both king and queen. What we need to understand is the demonic factor in all of this and Morris deals with this aspect of it as well, even though he is not trying to expose cyber sex, per se. Of course, pornography also plays a heavy part on the internet as well as those who are preying on innocent and unsuspecting children , especially girls. Because sex was the forbidden topic that was never discussed or explained for centuries by the Catholic Church and most of her Protestant daughters, that which had been so long repressed has now been unleashed, springing forth with a vengeance, like the proverbial Pandora’s box. If you have any doubt as to the veracity of what I am telling you, all you need to do is go to Google.com and ask a few simple questions, like: “Why don’t women any longer feel guilty about masturbation and sex.” Or “Testimonies of how teens find out about masturbation today.”

Yes, they have entire web sites which are dedicated to nothing but teaching your children how to masturbate by themselves as well as in the chat rooms with others. And many public school systems have also joined in with a sex education curriculum teaching the lower grade students all about the Gay life and how to masturbate. For real. It is a new day friend and this nightmare is not going to go away. The last thing I want to mention is the fact that most Christian religions no longer teach that Masturbation is wrong or harmful and that you should not feel guilty about doing it.

It has been said that 99% of men masturbate at least once a week or so and the 1% are lying. Of course, some teens and older men in their prime may masturbate several times a day depending on their health status and libido. It would seem that it has not only become an obsession in the chat room but a national past time.

It really seems mind blowing to me that here we are at the very end of this age and the Lord has chosen to leave one of the most mysterious taboo subjects in the history of mankind to be explained just before translation. But before we are ready for translation we must be transformed. This is the time for complete transformation of our character so that we will be ready for translation. Rom 12:1, 2. Therefore, this secret vice is no longer a secret, thanks to the burgeoning (grow or develop quickly) success of the cyber sex chat rooms. The good news my beloved friends, is that our true Mother, the Shekinah glory (Holy Ghost) is ready and waiting for us to pray to the Father for complete victory which is promised to all who come to Him through Jesus our Lord.

How many times do you think the Holy Ghost inspired the servant of the Lord to write about this topic, warning God’s professed people? I counted over 420 references in the Index to the writings of EGW under the heading :SECRET VICE, also called solitary vice. Today it is called masturbation. Beloved, I would say this is an extremely important and neglected topic that we need to pay closer attention to then we have in the past. Let us pray very deeply about this.

In my research the last few weeks, I have begun to understand why so many young people (and some not so young) are attracted to these chat rooms. What is it that is drawing and sucking and spiraling so many down into this mind-binding and mind-bending maelstrom, a whirlpool of moral pollution. What I have learned so far is that there is in this phenomenon a mysterious and incredible raw sexual energy that is seducing tens of millions of young people into its powerful grip…an addictive grip that few are able to escape without divine help. So, I went to google.com and asked “What are the chat rooms of cyber sex?” Here are just a few answers describing various chat rooms where you can go to talk to people about most anything, especially sex.

Cybersex – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cybersex is commonly performed in Internet chat rooms (such as IRC, talkers or web chats) and on instant messaging systems. It can also be performed using … en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cybersex

Cybersex/Cyberporn Addiction

Cybersex/Pornography Addiction is a specific sub-type of Internet addiction. … As users dabble in chat rooms or download pornography, often from the … http://www.health.am/psy/more/cybersex-cyberporn-addiction/

cyber sex

cyber sex & chat room addiction. … My husband is obsessed with the chat rooms and he has found a woman on there that he talks to all the time and it is … http://www.wholefamily.com/aboutyourmarriage/affairs/q_and_a/chat_addict.html

As we continue on in our studies the Lord is going to help to understand what the servant of the Lord wrote many years ago re: God’s professed people “repeating the history of Israel, step by step.” Read Ezekiel 8 in a modern translation. Because the KJV and even many modern versions of the Bible have basically avoided and/or toned down the truth about what the religion of Baal was all about this forbidden, taboo topic of sex has only recently burst onto the our end-time theological time table with a song and dance that is impossible to deny, cover up or avoid. Little did the people of Israel know, let alone even suspect, that their “holy” leaders were secretly engaging in their own ancient version of cyber sex right in the sanctuary itself in the imaginations of their filthy minds. No wonder they were taken into captivity and their city (Jerusalem) destroyed. You can read about it in Ezek 8 and 9. Paul also describes it in Rom 1:18-28. We have heard a lot the last few years about how evil abortion and homosexuality are but who would have suspected that masturbation is actually the most subtle form of demonic infiltration into the human mind and spirit yet to be exposed.

Now, I am going to share with you an excellent article by Grantley Morris, a single man in his 50’s who has given his life to the Lord much like the godly missionary John Hyde (Praying Hyde of India) who also quietly confessed (without saying it) that he had a “secret sin or vice” that he had to conquer early in his missionary career. As a result of his victory he became one of the greatest prayer warriors of all time. The reason I am sharing this easy to read and delicately explained article on Masturbation is because through an odd series of circumstances I recently became aware of the world wide spread of cyber sex in the so-called chat rooms of the USA, Japan, Manila in the Philippines, China and all of Asia as well as Europe and the whole world where anything goes, day and night 24/7.

But the most shocking revelation of all is the blatant and incredible fact that without a working knowledge of the finer techniques of masturbation these chat rooms could not flourish, let alone exist. Because masturbation is the catalyst (causative factor) that has taken the chat room Cyber sex phenomenon to the highest level of sexual communication between people of all races around the world without ever having had to know let alone meet anyone in person. All you need is a computer, a key board and web cam (not necessary but visually stimulating) and you are ready to enter the world of cyber sex in the chat room where anything goes and guilt and sin are the two bad words never to be spoken. Cyber sex in the chat rooms is the latest thing casting aside the advice of the hyper Victorian grandmothers long gone to their dusty graves.

This is a new day when hedonism (if it feels good, do it) is both king and queen. What we need to understand is the demonic factor in all of this and Grantley Morris deals with this aspect of it as well, even though he is not trying to expose cyber sex, per se. Of course, pornography also plays a heavy part on the internet as well as those who are preying on the unsuspected, especially children and teens. Because sex was the forbidden topic that was never discussed or explained for centuries by the Catholic Church and most of her Protest daughters that which had been so long repressed has now been unleashed and has sprung forth with a vengeance like the proverbial Pandora’s box. If you have any doubt as to the veracity of what I am trying to tell you all you need to do is go to Google.com and ask a few simple questions, like: “Why don’t women any longer feel guilty about masturbation and sex.” Or “Testimonies of how teens find out about masturbation today.”

Most of the translations of the Holy Bible have basically covered up and sanitized the real truth about the gross sexual practices of the religion of Baal. When Paul went into the pagan cities of Greece, such as Corinth, he had to face this. The Jerusalem council met in 52 AD to hear Paul’s account of his missionary work among the gentiles and to ask that the law or rite of circumcision be abolished. In Acts 15 we read about the debate over this law of circumcision. Finally, James spoke the final decision of this council with these words: “Wherefore my sentence is, that we trouble not them, which from among the Gentiles are turned to God: But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollution of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood. For Moses of old time has in every city them that preach him, being read in the synagogues every Sabbath day.”

In my research for this article re: the sinful practices of the religion of Baal I found some insightful comments on Acts 15:20 from an ancient, out of print article which I wish now to share. “That it (these gross sexual immorality) was not deemed by Gentiles to be immoral or disgraceful. It was practiced without shame and without remorse. Terrace Adelph. 1, 2, 21. See Grotius. So, this was the reason that the pure laws of Christianity on this very topic should be known, and that special pains should be taken to instruct the early converts from paganism in those laws. The same thing is still necessary in heathen lands. This crime was connected with religion. It was the practice not only to introduce pictures and emblems (sexual images) into their worship, but also for females to devote themselves to the service of particular temples, and to devote the Avails of indiscriminate prostitution to the service of the god or goddess. Thus it was that vice was connected with no small part of the pagan worship; And the images, the emblems, and the customs of idolatry everywhere tended to sanction and promote it. A mass of evidence on this subject which sickens the heart—-but which would be too long and indelicate (gross) to introduce here—-may be seen in Tholuck’s nature and moral influence of Heathenism, in the Biblical Repository, for July 1832, pp 441-464.

As this vice (sexual depravity of all kinds…including lesbianism , homosexuality, and bestiality) Was almost universal; as it was practiced without shame or disgrace; as there were no laws to prevent it; As it was connected with all their views of idol worship, and of religion; it was important for the early Christian to frown upon and to oppose it, and to set a peculiar guard against it in all the churches.” Paul spoke about this thusly: “Know you not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abuses of themselves with mankind.” I Cor 6:9. KJV. Notice how the 1611 used the word “effeminate” but the Modern Language & Living Bible read “homosexuality & homosexual.” The NEB says: “homosexual perversion.” And Paul points out to these Corinthians, “And such were some of you: but you are washed, but you are sanctified, but you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of God.” Vs 11.

The Greek word “Porneo” literally means “Idolatry, bestiality, homosexuality-Lesbianism–adultery and fornication.” In the KJV the word “Sodomite” is used to describe these practices from the days of Lot and Sodom. See Gen 19:4; I Kings 14:24, 15:12, 22:46, 2 Chron 34:33, Rom 1:26, 27. Deut 25:11, 23:1. In 2 Kings 23:7 we read about the reformation that took place under good King Josiah who broke down the houses of the Sodomites, that were by or next to the house of the Lord, where the women wove hangings (tents) for the grove. 2 Kings 23:7.

Baal: Pagan God of Fertility

Baal is the name of an ancient pagan god whose wife or spouse was named Ashtoreth or Astarte. Baal and Astarte are counterfeits of the true and original who are named Michael (Jesus) and His Shekinah who is also called Wisdom. The Father (Yahweh) and Mother (El Shaddai) brought forth these twins who are referred to in Song of Solomon as twins, a brother and a sister. I went to Google on the internet and found many sites referring to the angel Gabrielle as a female angel. Here is just one of them.

Gabriel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is about the angel Gabriel. For other uses, see Gabriel (disambiguation). ….. Gabriel is portrayed as the only female Seraph and, in the second … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabriel

Testimony of a Former Catholic about how demons deceived him for years.

When I was a new struggling Christian, I raised this topic with my pastor. I was told in no uncertain terms that God struck Onan dead for masturbating. Yikes! That was worse than what the nuns at Catholic school told me. They said people who “stroke their penis” sometimes go blind or become retarded (seriously). I was taught this in third grade as part my catechism! At the time, I had no clue who this “Master Bation” was, no clue why anyone would want to stroke their penis in the first place, and no idea why God would be so angry when they did it. But I got in a lot of trouble for spontaneously laughing when the nun said “penis.” I knew what that was, and seeing this old wrinkly angry-faced nun, dressed in her full nun outfit (this was back in 1966) say the word was more than I could handle.

Anyway, at some point I read the passage about Onan for myself (Gen. 38:1-10) and discovered my pastor had somewhat mislead me. It’s true that Onan was punished by God because he “spilled his semen on the ground” (Gen. 38:9). But he didn’t do this by masturbating. He was engaged in sexual intercourse when he did this. At the last minute, the text says, Onan would pull out and spill his semen. Not only this, but the reason he was punished had nothing to do with the mere fact that he “spilled his semen.” He was punished because he was violating his ancient duty to procreate with his deceased brother’s wife. *Note: This was an anti-life act which violated the original covenant to “be fruitful and multiply.” The Bible actually says nothing about masturbation —- which itself is pretty interesting, since the Bible addresses just about every other aspect of sex. Not only this, but it’s not like masturbation is a recent invention. As a matter of fact, it’s frequently mentioned in ancient writings — even in texts older than the Bible. (For example, I recall reading an ancient Sumerian text in grad school that dated around 3000 BC that mentioned the god Enki creating the Nile River by ejaculating. Gross!)

Now, does the Bible’s silence mean that masturbation is okay? Not necessarily. There are other considerations that come to bear on this. For example, Jesus taught that lusting after someone in your mind is as sinful as actually having sex outside of marriage -though, of course, the social consequences of the latter are much worse than the former. This means that people who are committed to surrendering their lives – and therefore their minds -to the Kingdom must strive to purge their minds of fantasies of sex outside of marriage. And this clearly rules out masturbating the way most people usually masturbate –escaping into their own fantasy world where “anything goes.” But what if someone was disciplined about what they fantasized about when they masturbated? What if they only envisioned sex within the context of marriage covenant? Is that permissible?

Many notable Christian authorities – including (to my surprise) James Dobson – say yes. This is perfectly natural, they argue, and is the right way to relieve sexual tension prior to marriage, thereby helping single people stay chaste. Others, however, would say no, for even if one’s mind is fantasizing about marriage, the reality is that the person is expressing their sexuality outside of an actual marriage covenant. I weigh in on the side of the first school of thought. But I would give three words of caution. First, as in all areas that are ethically ambiguous, it’s important that each person seeks God’s will for them on this matter. Just because something is permissible doesn’t mean it’s God’s will for your life. Out of his infinite wisdom, the Lord forbids for some what he allows for others. On matters such as this, therefore, every person must answer to God on their own (Rom. 14).

Second, I believe it’s important that people not allow masturbation to become habitual. Among other problems, habitual masturbation sets a precedent that can never be realized in marriage. Sexual tension is part of married life, for a couple’s sex life is affected by a multitude of practical factors. So, even if it’s permissible for single people to sometimes relieve sexual tension as they dream about a future marriage relationship, I encourage them to not fall into the trap of habitual instant gratification. Finally, I believe it’s important for married people to refrain from masturbation, except perhaps in exceptional circumstances where they’re separated from each other for long periods of time. The purpose of sexual tension is to motivate couples to pursue one another. When one partner relieves sexual tension through masturbation, it obviously undermines this motivation to some degree. As Paul puts it, people who have entered into the “one flesh” covenant have a duty to regularly have sexual relations — that is, to regularly re-experience the sign of the covenant. And anything that works against this is not beneficial (I Cor. 7: 1-5).

Masturbation: Is it Moral Quicksand? Or God’s provision for single people? Those Without Adequate Partners? Towards a Christian View of Sexual Self-Stimulation by Grantly Morris. Christian Solutions to Sexual Frustration

Part 1: Masturbation and the Bible. The “M” word, playing with yourself, releasing sexual tension, obtaining sexual relief, autoeroticism, solitary vice, self abuse –call it what you will, we cannot squirm away from the fact that masturbation is sexual. No matter how successfully one reduces masturbation to a clinical and mechanical act, it significantly impacts our sexuality.

Irrespective of what extremes one goes to in modifying one’s technique and one’s thought life to drain the act of sexual overtones, masturbation is still the stimulation of sexually responsive parts of the body. It is not like waste elimination or satisfying hunger, because it meets no bodily need. Moreover, it results in sensual feelings and bodily reactions virtually indistinguishable from those resulting from heterosexual relations. In fact, unlike light petting, it usually involves the very pinnacle of sexual pleasure, even beyond what many a woman experiences during intercourse. As is also the case for sexual intercourse, self-stimulation need not involve sexual thoughts or sights but it usually does, because it falls naturally into the same behavioral patterns as other sexual activities.

Little children might discover masturbation before they have any awareness of sexual relations, but if left entirely to their own devices, (would it be off the mark to say vices?) as they grow and begin to experience sexual attraction, masturbation and sexual thoughts instinctively come together. There is no need to teach them a connection between masturbation and sexual fantasy, any more than they need to be taught to perspire on a hot day. Masturbation might not carry any possibility of pregnancy, but neither does homosexuality. It might not involve another person, but neither does bestiality. When allowed to become a habit, masturbation conditions our sexual response and modifies our sexual expectations; consciously or unconsciously affecting marital relations for years afterwards.

Is masturbation a neutral activity rendered sexual or non-sexual according to what our thoughts focus on? Only if sexual intercourse is rendered non-sexual with no moral implications by thinking of mathematics while having intercourse. Neither does illicit intercourse cease to be sexually damaging if engaged in by little children. Masturbation is so undeniably sexual that non-Christians would wonder why I’ve bothered to emphasize the obvious. As Christians, however, we are tempted to live in denial because we know the stakes soar skywards if self-stimulation is sexual. Suddenly we are no longer talking about something of the order of nose picking, nor even something seemingly important like purchasing a house. We have only to flip open the Bible to quickly discover that our sexuality is vitally important to the God who is intimately concerned about our well-being. “Flee from sexual immorality,” says 1 Corinthians 6:18. “All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body.” Scripture saying that sexual sin impacts the body like no other sin is a startling statement, given the obvious results of gluttony and the bodily damage caused by alcoholism. Whatever the full implications of this Scripture, it seems the all-knowing Creator of sex is declaring that the mystery of sex affects us more profoundly than most of us dare contemplate. If masturbation is of this order, we dare not leave it in the “too hard” basket. Decisions impacting one’s sexuality are decisions we must get right. The book of Romans begins with the revelation that a wrong view of God causes people to disintegrate sexually. One would therefore expect that the secular world—-which in a thousand insidious ways shapes our thinking —-is dangerously deceived in its understanding of sex, and that it is only as we begin to build our relationship with our Creator that the restoration of our sexuality can begin.

Into the Unknown

It would be outrageously arrogant of me to attempt a pronouncement on the morality of something the Bible does not clearly spell out. Humanity has a Judge, and last time I checked, it isn’t me. Ultimately, the matter is between you and your God and anyone affected by your sexual choices. The goal of this web series, however, is to move you closer to an answer by helping to clarify the issues involved.

Once we concede that Onan’s sin was not solitary sex, nor does this common practice even rate a mention in the Bible, nor does it cause obvious psychological or physical injury, it might seem we can give it the green light. But such a conclusion would be dangerously premature. To demonstrate that neither apparent harmlessness nor the Bible’s silence are sufficient to suggest God views something as morally neutral, we will briefly consider two sexual acts that clearly have divine disapproval: sex outside marriage and lesbianism. We will then proceed to other considerations.

Some Christians, when teaching against sex outside marriage, used to emphasize so strongly the possibility of disease and unwanted pregnancy, that many people wrongly concluded that it must be these dangers that make sex outside marriage immoral. The Bible does not say this, it is just a human attempt at logic. When medical advances (medications for disease) lowered the physical risks, some people therefore assumed that sexual looseness must now be morally acceptable. They thought anyone thinking otherwise must be adhering to a morality that applied only to less technologically advanced eras. Christian morality, however, has never been based on a crude and selfish analysis of the physical dangers to the offender. The Lord Jesus emphasized the sinfulness of lust, even though mere lust carries no possibility of disease or pregnancy, nor even the possibility of the victim being emotionally hurt. Similarly, the relatively modern rediscovery that auto-eroticism does not cause obvious physical harm, has led people to leap too soon to the assumption that it must therefore be morally acceptable. Neither does the Bible’s silence about a matter automatically make it acceptable. In contrast to same-gender sex among men, the entire Old Testament is without specific mention of the female equivalent – lesbianism. The same is true for the Gospels and almost all the New Testament. Romans 1:24-28, however, affirms that God regards lesbianism as a serious perversion. So the Old Testament’s silence -God choosing for thousands of years not to put it in black and white –in no way implied God’s acceptance of this particular abuse of sex. That’s scary. God left it up to his people to read between the lines, and anyone getting it wrong would be guilty of gross perversion.

It is staggering to realize that throughout the Bible even the sin of sexual intercourse between unmarried people is not spoken against as forthrightly as we might expect. Scripture definitely pronounces it to be a serious sin, but to find this clearly spelled out, one must search the Bible carefully and prayerfully.. For the most part, Scripture is content merely to condemn ‘sexual immorality’ without specifying exactly which sexual acts fall under this black umbrella. In the original language, the broad term used is porneia. The word is found 25 times in the Greek New Testament. It could be that when speaking so strongly against porneia, the range of sexual sins God had in mind includes masturbation. But if we have to seek long and hard to be sure that in God’s eyes porneia includes premarital sex (and it certainly does), we have to go even further into the heart and mind of God to know whether it includes auto-eroticism. As we saw with lesbianism, even under the Law, the only way to truly know right from wrong was through fellowship with God. Devout Jews, however, typically poured enormous effort into knowing the Book of God, but little into knowing the God of the Book. They ended up knowing Scripture so well and understanding it so little that they could ”prove” emphatically that the Son of God was guilty of blasphemy and that it was their holy duty to murder their Messiah.

How vital it is to pray with the psalmist that God reveal to us his understanding of his Word (Psalm 119:18)! The frightening thing is that most of us imagine we could never make the same mistake as the clean-living, Bible-revering, Christ-killing First Century theologians. Tragically, those devout people were equally certain they would never make the same mistake of their forefathers who murdered the prophets. Everyday we walk though a spiritual minefield, foolishly unaware that at any moment just one false step could be disastrous. The entire Christian life must be lived in total dependence upon our Lord. We either cling to Christ, trusting him alone – not our intellect, knowledge and experience – or the consequences are unthinkable.


If, as we shall see, the God of the Bible, the Creator of sex, declares that even a one night stand makes two people one, it is hard not to suspect that the context in which we experience deep sexual feelings would, by divine design, have a profound affect on our personality. Psychologists know that regularly pairing anything with pleasurable sensations will powerfully shape one’s response to whatever those sensations are paired with. When we masturbate we are unavoidably conditioning our sexual response. We are bonding the unique and intense pleasure of sexual feelings with whatever we are thinking of at that critical time. The sexual and spiritual implications of self-stimulation can therefore be expected to vary according to what one thinks of when sexually arousing oneself. There are many possibilities. Whilst sexually pleasuring or satisfying yourself you could focus your thoughts on: * A real person you are not married to * An imaginary person * Spiritual things * Neutral things * Your own body * (If you are married) your real marriage partner. Let’s work our way through this range of possibilities, exploring the moral and sexual implications and see if any of the things we could focus our minds on seem to have the potential to be spiritually safe. We will then try other angles from which to view this subject, all the time looking for clues and trying to see possible flaws in my logic and seeking to find not human speculation but the heart of God.

Food for Thought

Although the Bible might say little directly about solo sex, the practice is commonly intertwined with sexual fantasies and/or pornography, and this is something Scripture has much to say about. Masturbation raises other moral challenges which we will tackle later, but let’s for a moment consider this one. The Ten Commandments say we must not covet someone else’s wife (Exodus 20:17). Job said he had resolved never to look sexually at anyone other than his wife (Job 31:1). Jesus taught: Matthew 5:27 You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ (28) But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.’ In other words, deliberately cultivating yearnings for anything that, if acted out, would be immoral, is as depraved as physically committing that act. For example, the thought might keep coming to you about relating sexually with someone you are not married to. Keep pushing that thought aside and your purity remains intact. To intentionally develop the thought for your sensual enjoyment, however, is no less sinful than acting out your fantasy. Suppose Phil and Sam hate Barry with equal venom. They both wish he were dead. If Phil could push a button, terminating Barry’s existence and be certain that no one would ever know who did it, he’d do it. The one thing keeping Phil from murder is that he is too scared about the possible personal consequences (public humiliation and imprisonment) if he were caught. But Sam is braver and so kills Barry. Should we regard Phil as more moral, simply because he is the bigger coward? Obviously, Barry would be exceedingly better off if both men were cowards. Morally, however, both haters are equally corrupt, since both wanted him dead. If you deliberately savor the thought, you want the sin as much as an impulsive person who acts out your daydreams. For anyone mentally engaging in immorality, the spiritual consequences are therefore as serious to the offender as if he had committed the physical act, even though the consequences to the victim are much less.

When the Son of God declared that lusting after someone you are not married to is equivalent to adultery, we must not forget how grievous a sin he was pronouncing these thoughts to be. Under the Old Covenant, adultery carried the death penalty and the New Testament over and over says that unless genuinely repented of, adultery sentences one to hell (1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Gelatins 5:19; 1 Timothy 1:9-10; Hebrews 13:4; Revelation 21:8). (If an unmarried person lusts after another unmarried person, the sin is technically fornication, which is equally grave.) Because “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked,” (Jeremiah 17:9) we are geniuses at finding loopholes that convince ourselves so utterly that we rarely realize we have not convinced the One who matters. Here’s a common attempt: “Although in reality we are not married, in my fantasy we are married, so my fantasy is pure.” I’ll respond with one simple question: Would you be impressed if I said, sex outside marriage is wrong, unless while you are doing it you pretend you are married? Mental immorality is serious, but combining it with masturbation is like throwing gasoline on a smoldering fire. To masturbate while ogling at erotic images, or while fantasizing about someone – real or imaginary -that you are not married to, is to deliberately inflame sexual feelings towards, and derive sexual pleasure from, a person you have no right to have sex with.

Even without self-stimulation, it is sinful, but pairing it with masturbation greatly magnifies the pleasure one derives from this sin, making the sin frighteningly more addictive. Moreover, sexual pleasure is divinely designed to bond you with a person. This is so powerfully the case that the Bible says that in God’s sight even sex with a prostitute makes a person one flesh with that prostitute (1 Corinthians 6:16). That’s a most astounding revelation. Most of us would have thought that only marriage could have such a profound effect and yet the Word of God applies the truth of two becoming one to the most casual of sexual encounters. Since solo-sex intensifies the sexual pleasure associated with mental adultery, the act deepens the sinful bond with that person.

Sex with Demons?

An intelligent, talented and dedicated Christian woman involved in full time Christian work responded to my web pages and we began e-mailing each other. She had never married and we grew quite close. After a while she confided that in the past she used to masturbate whilst imagining doing romantic or sexual things with a real or imaginary man. Presumably for reasons similar to those I have outlined above, she gradually began to feel uneasy about this type of fantasy. Rather than give up her self-indulgence, however, she decided to masturbate in a more “Christian” way. Instead of fantasizing about a normal man, she aroused herself while visualizing Christ, thus developing sexual cravings for the Son of God and even fantasizing about having sex with him.

Horrified, that she was mentally fornicating with the Holy One, I tried desperately to get my dear friend to see the gravity of her sin. Tragically, her conscience had become so jaded that, though I tried desperately on many occasions, nothing I could say was able to convince her that she should stop defiling the Son of God in her mind. There are fearful dangers for those who want to hold on both to their sin and their Lord. Not wishing to distort any of the following accounts, I point out that in at least some of them, masturbation was not involved. Their value to our spiritual examination of solo sex is in suggesting that deceptive spirits can exploit sexual feelings. After citing a few examples, we will attempt to see if there are any implications for those who seek to combine masturbation with spiritual fantasies.

A woman I counseled confided the following: Demons would stand next to my bed. One looked like Christ in a white robe and I felt safe. It then got in bed with me and I felt it holding me. I felt safe. Then it put its hand where it shouldn’t, and I knew it couldn’t be God. It turned black. Another woman, a committed Christian, told of sexual visions of “Jesus.” (Obviously a fake or counterfeit…a demon claiming to be Jesus).

For both of these women, solitary sex played a role, but their vulnerability to temptation was such that I did not probe to satisfy my curiosity as to how strong was the connection between solitary sex and their evil spiritual experience. In an e-mail yet another woman wrote of demonic attacks she has suffered: It has paralyzed me, nearly suffocated me, and, worse, has raped me. I have never ever told anyone this, but I feel that out there, there are those who understand and I thank God for them. Roxanne, a Christian of just a few months, had renounced her former Mormonism except for what Mormons call the “witness of the holy ghost” or “bosom burning.” This is a feeling that Mormons emphasize as confirmation of God’s approval and leading. Having been brought up as a Mormon, Roxanne had unquestioningly accepted this as being of God, although she puzzled as to why Mormons experience it as confirmation that the heretical Book of Mormon is of God. One day, Roxanne privately sought this experience to confirm God’s guidance. She shared the following with me:

The spirit came: the bosom-burning, loving, beautiful feeling, beyond any explanation. Pure love. After I praised and welcomed it, this very real person/spirit purposely and forcefully sexually aroused me, followed by unearthly sexual pleasure. The sexual stimulation continued for hours. It repeatedly claimed to be God, seeking my love and worship and praise. It would grow warmer and stronger when I praised it. While it was inside me it felt like the deepest love, affection and comfort that I’d ever felt.

For four days I bounced between praising it and demanding it leave in Jesus’ name. Although it was very convincing that it had to be God, it blurred my eyesight when I tried to read my Bible and as I persisted with reading it kept giving sexual connotations to innocent things in the Bible. At one point, when it was moving through me sexually in an almost tangible way, I glanced in the mirror and the evil I saw in my eyes was bone chilling. Based mainly on how it affected my Bible reading and what I’d seen in the mirror I made a clear decision to reject it. When I finally decided to do this and focus my thoughts solely on Jesus, it left in a dramatic way, causing me to cough violently. As it left, I felt light (it had made me feel slow and heavy) and scriptural knowledge was poured into me quickly. I heard spoken into my spirit the words, “Of course that was not me, but the God of the Book of Mormon, who you asked for. It is gone and has no legal right to return to you. I am with you. Do not seek signs or feelings because they are deceiving. My love for you is confirmed in the Scriptures and my Word is sufficient. Testify of this devil to the Mormons that you know.”

I know my experience will puzzle many Christians, but it happened. My Lord never abandoned me. I had invited this deceptive angel of light. In fact, I had to welcome it constantly or it would stop; clearly still with me but not able to force anything on me. God, in his glory, allowed this awful, experience to show me the true nature of Mormonism. Without it, I would never have believed that the church I had felt safe in for all my childhood, filled with people who love me, praised God and taught about moral, kind, selfless, charitable, conservative living, could be of the devil.

A few weeks later Roxanne told her parents of her experience, hoping it would help them understand why she was no longer a Mormon. Afterwards she went to her bedroom and again encountered this spirit, “but this time the spirit felt so completely dark and evil, the total opposite of how it felt when it was inside of me. It sent me such a strong message that it was extremely angry with me. This was frightening but at the same time gave me hope that my parents would awaken spiritually, because obviously sharing my testimony was a threat to the devil.”

The person who sins, pointed out Jesus, is a slave of sin. Evil is a drug that creates addicts by offering a degree of pleasure. In general, every form of evil offers its own unique pleasure and every time one repeats the evil, the bondage intensifies. Even if the pleasure is experienced just once and then fully repented of, a person is typically plagued for the rest of his or her life with the occasional craving for that feeling. We end up like the Israelites in Moses’ time. God had delivered them from slavery yet for the rest of their lives they occasionally found themselves craving for the pleasures of Egypt, even though they knew it meant slavery. This is a powerful practical reason for shunning all experimentation with anything that could turn out to be evil. Even when genuinely repented of, dabbling with evil, whether it is sexual sin, heroin or whatever, usually leaves its victims with cravings and a new source of temptation that hounds them for the rest of their lives. Roxanne says:

“To be honest, even clinging to my Lord with all my might after it was gone, and despite being so spooked over the realization that this beast was pure evil, I had to struggle against the desire to invite it back. As is the risk of all sexual experimentation, Roxanne confesses: I pray that the memory of the pleasure will fade because I find myself praying that my husband will be able to do what it did and I know it’s unfair to compare. Unfortunately I have a strong memory of this aspect.” A friend of mine was born into a cult. “Jesus” would regularly appear to them. He had an innocent face, a white robe –and ready for sex. He regularly raped female cult members. Another friend of mine had suffered the horror of being present while a woman she knew was being painfully raped by someone neither of them could see. For me to have heard so many accounts first hand, despite my very limited experience, indicates that deceptive spirits associating themselves with sexual experiences must be disturbingly common. This suggests that deliberately combining sexual feelings with spiritual fantasy might not be the safe option one might otherwise suppose. Could this practice attract unwanted attention from the dark side of the spirit world? I am not into scare tactics. We must, however, be at least alert to the possibility of this leading to spiritual deception. The Marum-Webster Dictionary defines two disturbing words: Incubus: an evil spirit that lies on persons in their sleep; especially one that has sexual intercourse with women while they are sleeping Succubus: a demon assuming female form to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep.

It would seem that anyone seeking sexual excitement when no human is present must be on guard about opening oneself up to demons. I am not saying that auto-eroticism will inevitably lead to demonic activity, nor that those suffering demonic sexual experiences have necessarily engaged in self-stimulation, but if one lets one’s sexual fantasies stray to the spiritual, an opening to the demonic might possibly be created. Christians so desperate for sexual gratification that they are unwilling to wait for a human partner, might decide to seek God’s help in sexually stimulating themselves. If so, the ‘god’ who responds might not be the God they want.

A married man wrote to me, greatly disturbed because he had reluctantly concluded that he had been a victim of sexual demons. For years he had been sure it was spiritual. For him the only question was the nature of that spirit. It had all started when he was single and craving sex. He said two very strong, widely-admired Christians from a respected church had told him that God wants to have sex with us. I do not know if this was what they meant or if he was hearing what he wanted to hear. This dear man was flabbergasted that he could have ended up in the mess that he now believed he was in, since he had earlier sincerely believed the spirit giving him sexual sensations was the Lord lovingly meeting his needs. ‘I desired sex so bad,’ he wrote, “and how many times have we heard that God can satisfy every need? Well is it every need or not? Is it God or is it another who will satisfy it?”

I replied: Will God satisfy the “need” of an addict for heroin? Will he satisfy the “need” of a hate-filled person for revenge? Will he satisfy a rapist’s “need” for a victim? When Jesus was hungry in the wildness, it was Satan who offered a way to satisfy his need. In stark contrast to a God who meets our every lust and craving, we have a God who repeatedly told us to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow our crucified Lord. We have a God who says: Colossians 3:5 Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry.

Romans 13:14 Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature. Galatians 5:16-17 So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, Ephesians 4:22 You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; 2 Timothy 2:22 Flee also youthful lusts 2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth.

And on and on we could go. In bewilderment, he replied that until they turned into anal sexual sensations he had accepted these sexual sensations as being from God because they would come to him while speaking in tongues or reading the Bible or when he could feel the Lord’s presence. He had assumed that these things would have protected him from evil. When our desire for selfish pleasure exceeds our willingness to deny ourselves for the glory of Christ, we are spiritually in grave danger. If we passionately yearn both for illegitimate pleasure and a clean conscience, our wish can come true. We can reach the point of sinning with a clean conscience. And it’s the scariest thing in the universe. It’s called delusion. We all know that our spiritual enemy is the Deceiver who masquerades as an angel of light. It is most rare for God to lead anyone to research – even academically – incubus and succubus spirits. And anyone daring to attempt such research without the Lord’s specific leading is foolish. Nevertheless, a young man clearly felt such a leading from God. Since he would prefer to remain nameless, I’ll call him Tim.

To his horror, Tim read of occultists citing not weird rituals, unusual practices, or calling upon demons, as the key to encountering sexual spirits, but simply the use of masturbation coupled with fantasizing about the partner of one’s choice. The expectation was that a spirit would appear in dreams or whatever, not as a hideous creature, but in the form of the imagined person. What alarmed Tim was the realization that although attracting demons was the furthest from his mind, the prescribed occult practice for enticing sexual spirits was essentially identical to what he – along with vast numbers of other masturbators who have no occult interest – had done. He had broken that habit years ago but although he was no longer indulging in this practice, the fact remained that he had engaged in it in the past. Before proceeding, I had better insert a quick note about wet dreams, lest someone reading this become unnecessarily concerned. There is no question that nocturnal emissions can be perfectly natural and harmless. This does not mean, however, that they must be associated with lust-filled dreams. Dreams are largely beyond our control, but they tend to reflect what we think about, and expose ourselves to, in our waking hours. If we do what we can to curb our conscious thoughts and commit our sleeps to the Lord, we can expect unwanted dreams to decline.

Despite never having experienced any obvious manifestations of sexual demons, Tim wondered whether there might be a link between demonic activity and his wet dreams. He chose to renounce as sin his past sexual fantasies and masturbation, acknowledged that it could have opened him up to demonic interference, and exercised the authority over demonic activity that Jesus has bestowed upon all believers. The result was a dramatic change in his dreams. First, he suffered a full-on attack in which he had lurid sexual dreams like nothing he had ever experienced. After a week of intense spiritual warfare, however, the power broke and the dreams completely vanished. In short, there has been a pronounced change in the sexual activity he is subjected to in the time all of us are most vulnerable to attack – when asleep. (For details, see How one Christian found relief.)

Scare tactics are not on my agenda. I simply suggest you check with the Lord about Tim’s experience to see if it could have any relevance to you. Our Lord, is our highest spiritual authority, not the claims of occultists, nor someone’s personal experience. We need to keep looking to the Him for spiritual discernment. Unclean spirits are usually too devious to appear with horns and tails.

Grantley Morris is in his fifties and was true to God when the Lord asked him not to marry for the sake of the gospel. He works full time but over the past few years has built the best Christian website I have ever visited. He won’t sell you anything, he won’t ask you for money to support him, he exists on the web purely to teach people about Jesus Christ and His Father God and to help people live the life they were born to live. He already responds to well over a hundred e-mails a week personally helping people work through the issues his writings have addressed and would welcome you if you dropped him a line. You have to go through a spam filter to contact him, yet I promise he will write back to you in a matter of days. Grantley’s web address is http://net-burst.net/search.htm Be sure to check him out. Be sure to check out his bigger then e-books free on the site.

The Elijah Message, is a call to forsake the worship of the god BAAL [plural Baalim] and to return to the commandments of YAHWEH, the Creator of the mighty universe. The Old Testament abounds with warnings against Baal worship. According to the Apostle Paul those warnings “are there for our admonition on whom the ends of the world are come.” [1 Corinthians 10: 11] But who is Baal? and what is Baal worship? Were you to walk into any church and ask the audience ‘What is Baal worship?’ you would probably not find many believers who knew. To be sure most Bible students know that the god Baal is mentioned over and over again in the Bible: but what Baal worship is, few have any idea. Just to refresh your memories about the prophet Elijah We will read one short passage from scripture about him. 17: “And it came to pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him, Art thou he that troubles Israel? 18: And he answered, I have not troubled Israel; but you, and your father’s house, in that ye have forsaken the commandments of the LORD, and thou hast followed Baalim.”

Who or What is Baal? and What is Baal worship? Why is the Most High so incensed when His people worship Baal? Are we, perhaps, wrong in supposing that Baal was some ancient god that has nothing to do with modern man? Or could it be that Baal worship is something of which our society is guilty? The word Baalim is the Hebrew plural for BAAL, the pagan god of nature and fertility. We quote from the Westminster Dictionary of the Bible article ”’BAAL” [emphasis ours] “… Baal worship apparently had its origin in the belief that every tract of ground owed its productivity to a supernatural being, or Baal, that dwelt there. The farmers probably thought that from the Baalim, or fertility gods, of various regions came the increase of crops, fruit and cattle … The worship of Baal was accompanied with lascivious rites, [1 Kings 14: 24] the sacrifice of children in the fire by parents, [Jeremiah 19: 5] and kissing the image. [1 Kings 19: 18; Hosea 13: 2] Baal was often associated with the goddess Ashtoreth, [Judges 2: 13] and in the vicinity of his altar there was often an Asherah.” [Judges 6: 30; 1 Kings 16: 32-33] Of the goddess ASHTORETH the same dictionary says: “… She was the goddess of sexual love, maternity and fertility. Prostitution as a religious rite in the service of this goddess under various names is widely attested. The identification of ‘Astarte with Aphrodite is evidence of her sexual character.” “Ashtoreth. [plural of Ashtoreth] In connection with the plural of Baal, a general designation for the female divinities of the Canaanites…” Asherah refers to a wooden pole or mast which stood at Canaanite places of worship; [Exodus 34: 13] originally it was, perhaps, the trunk of a tree with branches chopped off, and was regarded as the wooden symbol of the goddess Asherah, who like Ashtoreth, was a type of fertility… It was erected beside the altar of Baal.” [Judges 6: 25, 28]

We can see from these quotes that Baal and Ashtoreth worship incorporated illegal sexual acts and that the Asherah was nothing but a phallic symbol. That word lascivious means lewd, lustful, licentious, lecherous, bawdy. In other words Baal worship was accompanied with sinful sexual acts; behavior expressly forbidden in Jehovah’s law. Now, let’s find out what those forbidden sexual acts were. 2. Divine Laws Concerning Sexual Behavior. We live in a sex crazed world. Sex is the most talked about, sung about and written about subject in the world. The news and advertising media, not to mention the entertainment world, are all obsessed with sex. Sex is big business! Few will doubt this assessment. But what does the Most High think about modern man’s pre-occupation with sex? What does His law say concerning sexual matters? Has He given mankind any instructions as to how we should organize our sex lives? But Israel refused to obey because they were enticed through food and drink as well as intermarriage to pagan wives.

King Solomon, however, loved many foreign women besides Pharaoh’s daughter-Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians and Hittites. They were from nations about which the LORD had told the Israelites, “You must not intermarry with them, because they will surely turn your hearts after their gods.” Nevertheless, Solomon held fast to them in love. He had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray.

As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the LORD his God, as the heart of David his father had been. He followed Ashtoreth, the goddess of the Sidonians, and Molech the detestable god of the Ammonites. So Solomon did evil in the eyes of the LORD; he did not follow the LORD completely, as David his father had done. 1 Kings 11:1-6 Solomon was the wisest man in the world; yet, because of his pride and the deceitfulness of sin, he chose to live above the very laws which could have saved him. In Deuteronomy 17:17, Moses had clearly instructed the kings of Israel not to take too many wives, lest their hearts be led astray from the Lord. As Solomon””s power and splendor grew, however, he felt that he had the right to live like any other king, i.e. the heathen, pagan monarchs. Therefore, he chose to seal his alliances with other nations by marrying into their royal families. By the end of his life, he had taken seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines.

Tragically, even as Moses predicted, as Solomon grew older, his wives led him into the worship of their gods. From the immorality of Ashtoreth worship to the human sacrifices associated with Molech, Solomon defiled the nation of Israel through the worship of these false gods. How could the wisest man in the history of our planet fall into such horrible sin and deception?

First of all, as Solomon’s power and wealth grew, he felt that he was exempt from the very words of wisdom that he preached to others. Surely, he thought, a man of his wisdom and nobility would never be enticed by the false gods of the women he had married. Tragically, this self-deception opened his life to the very sins which would eventually destroy his kingdom. It is no different for you today; no matter how successful you have become, if you live outside of the parameters of God’s Word, sooner or later you will reap the grim consequences of your disobedience. Second, when Solomon was a young man, he had the strength to resist the religious seduction of his wives’ gods. As he grew older, however, he slowly but surely succumbed to their false religions. I have seen this same pattern repeated in the lives of Christians today; like Solomon, they have underestimated the power of sin to deceive them. Although they believe they are in control of their sinful habits, in reality they have already been enslaved by the power of these sins.

Third, Solomon refused to repent of his sins. Even when God rebuked him, he continued to worship the false gods of his wives. Although God would show the king mercy because of his love for David, Solomon”s son would lose all but one of Israel”s tribes. Remember, the consequences of your sin will only grow larger if you do not repent now. May God give you the grace to resist the deceitfulness of sin as you ponder the tragic story of Solomon’s fall today.

In the days of Ezra when he was trying to lead the people to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem his prayer indicates he faced the same problem. “And now, O god, what can we say after all of this? For once again we have abandoned you and broken your laws! The prophets warned us that the land we would possess was totally defiled by the horrible practices* of the people living there. From one end to the other it is filled with corruption.” Ezra 9:10, 11. * This is in reference to the sexual practices of the people such as homosexuality, and bestiality as well offering up their children as human sacrifices.

For the benefit of all who preach the Elijah Message let us quote the Bible on the rights and wrongs of sexual behavior. Currently the laws of many countries conflict with what we now have to say and write. But the following is Jehovah’s law: and true preachers these days will certainly need courage to proclaim it.

“Through the long centuries that have passed since Elijah’s time, the record of his lifework has brought inspiration and courage to those who have been called to stand for the right in the midst of apostasy. And for us, ”upon whom the ends of the world are come” (I Corinthians 10:11), it has special significance. History is being repeated. The world today has its Ahabs and its Jezebels. The present age is one of idolatry, as verily as was that in which Elijah lived. No outward shrine may be visible; there may be no image for the eye to rest upon; thousands are following after the gods of this world–after riches, fame, pleasure, and the pleasing fables that permit man to follow the inclinations of the unregenerate heart.

“Multitudes have a wrong conception of God and His attributes, and are as truly serving a false god as were the worshipers of Baal. Many even of those who claim to be Christians have allied themselves with influences that are unalterably opposed to God and His truth. Thus they are led to turn away from the divine and to exalt the human.”” Prophets & Kings, 177, 178.

So, why was it that the children of Israel were so easily led into the worship of Baal & Ashtoreth. 1. Satan made it look like he was god…He has always claimed to be the true God. 2. He made promises to them such as making their wives fertile…and their crops grow. Baal was a “fertility religion.” 3. Baal claimed to be the true God but would let them have the pleasures of the flesh . 4. As soon as a person bowed down to a heathen or false idol the evil spirit of that idol went inside of him to possess him.

In a moment I will share with you a short story about a college student who found a college text book belonging to another student which taught them how to cast spells. This story was found on one of the sites I accessed which was exposing and explaining “Cyber Sex,” the Satanic new “dating game” that is sweeping the world in which both Gays and Straights talk to each other sexually to the point at which they both are so hat for each other that they masturbate themselves to a climax because they are both so turned on. Yet, they are not physically in the same space. In fact, they can be in two different continents…i.e. USA and Asia or Europe, etc. But their minds and spirit are connected through the medium of the internet and they are joined by a mutual desire for illicit, evil sexual arousal which is finally satisfied when they masturbate themselves to a completed climatic ecstasy. Obviously Satan is leading and guiding them in these evil, devil possessed chat room sessions which include a cam on which at least one of them can see the other person.

I am convinced that the Jewish priests Ezekiel was shown in vision were also in direct communication with demons right there in the sanctuary itself. And Ezek 9 is a prophecy that was fulfilled both in Ezekiel’s day in 586 BC and then later in 70 AD and will happen again in our day. The real and only true sanctuary is God Himself, i.e. The Father’s Heart into which we can enter through a study and knowledge of His true character of love. Because of the delicate and offensive nature of this topic the truth has been repressed and obscured in the translations of the Old Testament and probably the NT as well.

But now that we are at the very gate of Level or Realm #7, ready to enter, the Lord is allowing us to know this information so that we will see the true nature of it. “And he (God) brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked behold a hole in the wall, behold a door, and he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here. So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, (as appeared to the man in this story…i.e. Lyn), and all the idols of the house of Israel, portrayed upon the wall (curtains?) round about. And there stood before them seventy men of the ancients of the house of Israel, with every man his censer in his hand; and a thick cloud of incense went up. (Not sure how the censer & incense factors into this demonic element they were involved in)

Then said he unto me, Son of man, have you seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery? (notice the word imagery which is the same idea of what Paul said in 2 Cor 10:1-4 re: how we are to cast down every imagination….and the strongholds (demons) of Satan by spiritual warfare…not by carnal weapons but by “Mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” When Paul says, “knowledge of God” he is referring to God’s character…knowing the truth about God and being one with Him because it is this knowledge which brings Eternal Life, John 17:3.

In the margin Numbers 33:52 is cited: Notice what that this is a command of the Lord re: the heathen nations which were to be driven out so Israel could possess the land. “Then ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you, and destroy all their pictures, (figured stones or idols no doubt which were no doubt contact with demons), and destroy all their molten images, (false gods) and quite pluck down all their high places.” Numbers 33:52. What were the “high places?” This is where the leaders of the temple or high priests conducted orgies with the vestal virgins and performed other evil rites such as human sacrifice.

In stark contrast to the character of the demons who possessed the priests and people in the days of the prophet Ezekiel (Ezek 8, 594 BC) we read about the character of our Blessed Redeemer in the days of His ministry for 3 ½ years in this hostile world filled with fallen angels. “His tender compassion fell with a touch of healing upon weary and troubled hearts. Even amid the turbulence of angry enemies He was surrounded with an atmosphere of peace. The beauty of His countenance, the loveliness of His character, above all, the love expressed in look and tone, drew to Him all who were not hardened in unbelief. Had it not been for the sweet, sympathetic spirit that shone out in every look and word, He would not have attracted the large congregations that He did. The afflicted ones who came to Him felt that He linked His interest with their as a faithful and tender friend, and they desired to know more of the truths He taught. Heaven was brought near. They longed to abide in His presence, that the comfort of His love might be with them continually. Jesus watched with deep earnestness the changing countenances of His hearers. The faces that expressed interest and pleasure gave Him great satisfaction. As the arrows of truth pierced to the soul, breaking through the barriers of selfishness, and working contrition, and finally gratitude, the Saviour was made glad. When His eye swept over the throng of listeners, and He recognized among them the faces He had before seen, His countenance lighted up with joy. He saw in them hopeful subjects for His kingdom. When the truth, plainly spoken, touched some cherished idol, He marked the change of countenance, the cold, forbidding look, which told that the light was unwelcome. When He saw men refuse the message of peace, His heart was pierced to the very depths.” DA 252, 253.

The city of Capernaum was the on the highway from Damascus to Jerusalem and Egypt, and to the Mediterranean Sea and was a great thoroughfare of travel. When the people found out Jesus was going to be present on the Sabbath day the people crowded the synagogue until great numbers had to turn away, unable to find entrance.

Mark 1:22-28 gives us a fleeting glance at Jesus’ teaching in the Jewish synagogue at Capernaum where they were so “astonished” because He spoke with such authority, power, assurance and finality. Today we would say, “He just blew their mind. Of course, Satan was not about to stand by and let the minds of the people be set free from his centuries of lies and deception about the true character of His Father.

“The period of Christ’s personal ministry among men was the time of greatest activity for the forces of the kingdom of darkness. For ages Satan with his evil angels had been seeking to control the bodies and the souls of men, to bring upon them sin and suffering; then he had charged all this misery upon God. Jesus was revealing to men the character of God. He was breaking Satan’s power, and setting his captives free. New life and love and power from heaven were moving upon the hearts of men, and the prince of evil was around to contend for the supremacy of his kingdom. Satan summoned all his forces, and at every step contested the work of Christ.

So it will be in the great final conflict of the controversy between righteousness and sin. While new life and light and power are descending from on high upon the disciples of Christ, a new life is springing up from beneath, and energizing the agencies of Satan. Intensity is taking possession of every earthly element. With a subtlety gained through the centuries of conflict, the prince of evil works under a disguise. He appears clothed as an angel of light, and multitudes are ‘giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.'” I Tim. 4:1.

“Jesus in the synagogue spoke of the kingdom He had come to establish, and of His mission to set free the captives of Satan. He was interrupted by a shriek of terror. A madman rushed forward from among the people, crying out, ‘Let us alone; what have we to do with Thee, Thou Jesus of Nazareth? Art Thou come to destroy us? I know Thee who thou art; the Holy One of God.’ Mark 1:24. All was now confusion and alarm. The attention of the people was diverted from Christ, and His words were unheeded. This was Satan’s purpose in leading his victim to the synagogue. But Jesus rebuked the demon, saying, ‘Hold thy peace, and come out of him. And when the devil had thrown him in the midst, he came out of him, and hurt him not.’ The mind of this wretched sufferer had been darkened by Satan, but in the Saviour’s presence a ray of light had pierced the gloom. He was roused to long for freedom from Satan’s control; but the demon resisted the power of Christ. When the man tried to appeal to Jesus for help, the evil spirit put words into his mouth, and he cried out in an agony of fear. The demoniac partially comprehended that he was in the presence of One who could set him free; but when he tried to come within reach of that mighty hand, another’s will held him, another’s words found utterance through him. The conflict between the power of Satan and his own desire for freedom was terrible.

And so we see Jesus coming face to face with the enemy on his own ground. Satan is not about to give this man up without a tremendous fight. “It seemed that the tortured man must lose his life in the struggle with the foe that has been the ruin of his manhood. But the Saviour spoke with authority, and set the captive free. The man who had been possessed stood before the wondering people happy in the freedom of self-possession. Even the demon had testified to the divine power of the Saviour. The man praised God for his deliverance. The eye that had do later glared with the fire of insanity, now beamed with intelligence, and overflowed with grateful tears. The people were dumb with amazement. As soon as they recovered speech they exclaimed, one to another, ‘What is this? A new teaching! With authority He commandeth even the unclean spirits, and they obey Him.’ Mark 1:27. R.V.

The secret cause of the affliction that had made this man a fearful spectacle to his friends and a burden to himself was in his own life. He had been fascinated by the pleasures of sin, and had thought to make life a grand carnival. He did not dream of becoming a terror to the world and the reproach of his family. He thought his time could be spent in innocent folly. But once in the downward path, his feet rapidly descended. Intemperance and frivolity perverted the noble attributes of his nature, and Satan took absolute control of him. Remorse came too late. When he would have sacrificed wealth and pleasure to regain his lost manhood, he had become helpless in the grasp of the evil one. He had placed himself on the enemy’s ground, and Satan had taken possession of all his faculties. The tempter had allured him with many charming presentations; but when once the wretched man was in his power, the fiend became relentless in his cruelty, and terrible in his angry visitations. So it will be with all who yield to evil; the fascinating pleasure of their early career ends in the darkness of despair or the madness of a ruined soul. The same evil spirit that tempted Christ in the wilderness, and that possessed the maniac of Capernaum, controlled the unbelieving Jews. But with them he assumed an air of piety, seeking to deceive them as to their motives in rejecting the Saviour. Their condition was more hopeless than that of the demoniac, for they felt no need of Christ and were therefore held fast under the power of Satan.” Desire of Ages 255, 256.

The following first person account was found on the internet regarding how a female angel of Satan (demon) appeared to this young man when he summoned a demon to help him wreak revenge upon his enemy and to give him a good time by inflaming his mind and body with sexual energy beyond anything he had ever known before. In order for the reader to understand how these demons are able to seduce human beings the basic story has only been edited slightly so as to not be any more offensive than is necessary to those, like myself, were raised in a strict Victorian family where sexual matters were never discussed or explained.

Here is his own first person account: “If anything can be said about me…it’s that I am a wimp. So it might surprise those that knew me exactly what my job occupation eventually became, only a week and a half when I was forced to spend an evening in a septic tank because Billy Bretterson had decided he didn’t like how my glasses sat on my face.

So it was that night that I had finally managed to get the thing open and had walked home, my pants sopping with things I didn’t even try to smell. I walked into my dormitory, my dorm mates probably still partying it up. I hated those guys too, now that I thought about it. I took a long and luxurious shower, trying to make myself feel better. It didn’t work, my anger simply building and building. These were things a high school nerd was supposed to expect, not a collage student. I had to do something…but I was the worst fighter I had ever known. Even trying to fight might have been disastrous. I walked into my room. I had lived here for two months…and I had only seen my supposed room mate once, when she and I had shaken hands and told each other our names, mine Daniel, her’s Elizabeth. Then she had failed to show up for the rest of those two months. She was still in classes…just never at the dorms. It was said that she took some of the more “strange” classes offered by this college. This text book was on her bed, I noticed as I toweled my hair off.

I walked to the book, curious. I closed it, wondering when she had been here to forget to bring it with her. The cover said, “Demonology 101”. “She’s a daemon summoner?” I muttered, picking the book up. Daemons, Devils and their lesser brethren were a necessity in today’s modern world. Where would we be without Daemons? But the job itself was a bit of a mystery. I knew they summoned daemons and magic came out, but other than that…I knew nothing. So I started to read. “A warning. This course will teach you to summon the least of the Daemons, the most lowly of the low. These can be restrained by even an inexperienced summoner. But if they get loose, you can be killed. Follow every direction TO THE LETTER or you will not just be an inexperienced summoner, you will be a DEAD inexperienced summoner” (Remember that Satan is a legalist). I cleared off the floor, idea’s of what I could do with Daemons dancing through my mind. I rooted about in my things till I found some art chalk from my supplies. I drew the symbol of summoning, six circles that were supposed to magically ‘tie’ the daemon’s hands, legs, neck and tail (always a dangerous thing people over looked, the book said. People have been strangled by the tail of an irate daemon) to the ground, preventing them from moving. Then I drew the safety circle, a circle of runes that I could barely copy, let alone understand. I backed that with a second, then a third safety circle. Not exactly necessary, the book said, but always a good idea. Three’s and multiples of those are a necessity in demonology.

I started to look through the summon able Daemons. The one listed in this lesson was “Cthilem” but I didn’t like the sound of him. I flipped forward until I found the list of other Daemons I could summon. Male Daemons were, as a rule, a bit more…controllable in a classical sense, or so the book said. A female daemon was a bit less controllable, but, according to the book, offered far larger rewards. There was a warning: “Be sure of your orientation when summoning a daemon. Check their preferences and be prepared. Take precautions and…have fun”

“What in the h___ are they talking about?” I muttered. It crossed my mind that I should check with a teacher. Then I thought of what a daemon, even a lowly one, could do to Billy.

I looked through the lesser Female Daemons. Xana, Hu’liena… they were all rather seductive looking, ancient drawings inscribed into the textbook showing women with claws and wings on stone bricks, women with flaming eyes, women with a large collection of quills that sprouted from her back like some kind of porcupine. I stopped my reading at that one, a ‘deamonnette’ called Lyndanne, or Lyn for short. She was a minor daemon, controlling boils, sores and hangnails. Her image was her sitting, knees drawn up and arms between them, covering the unclothed naughty parts. Blue hair streamed down her front, quills spread about her like a halo.

“Lyndan, etc !” I read, feeling a wind pick up, spreading papers across my room. The wind reached a fevered pitch as I continued to read, “Lyndanne S-C-A” (not the real name or spelling)

There was a bang and Lyn was in the three circles, her hands and legs spread to touch each of the white circles, her quills pressed uncomfortably to the side around her back, some sinking into the floor. Her blue hair mixed with her quills, some falling in front to cover her perfect breasts. Her pubic hair was a finely trimmed blue puff and a tail was touched to the sixth little circle. Her head craned around, straining against the circle that held her there. (Now you know who put it in the minds of so many young people to color their hair blue, yellow, red, etc)

“Why have you summoned me?” she asked, her voice…her voice lighting my blood afire. It was the sexiest voice I had ever heard, a sensuous liquid that flowed in my ears, into my brain and straight to my cock, which obligingly sprang to life, hardening in my pants. “Uh” I stammered. “Oh dear” Lyn murmured, looking at her hand, “You smudged this symbol” “Wha-” I started, but then her left hand jerked out of the magical restrains, something snapping soundlessly, rippling the air around it as it did so. Her hand smashed into the floor and smudged the symbol on her right arm and then she was free, jumping out of the circles. She started to pace, kept at bay by the two remaining ‘safety’ circles. My heart was pounding in my chest and I knew I had to banish her before she killed me in some kind of grotesque and horrible way.

I started to flip through the book, trying to find the banishing spell. “Wait” Lyn’s voice murmured, “You need my help, don’t you?” “Well…yes” I said. Lyn was looking at me, her eyes glowing slightly as she did so. “What do you need?” she asked, “Someone need agony and pain?” “Yes” I said. Lyn pressed against the safety circle, her hair parting enough for me to see her right nipple. Her quills were more relaxed now, laying down her back like a cloak, “Let…let me out and I can help you far beyond what you think you want” “Uhhhh” I said, staring at her breasts, “Promise you won’t kill me” “I won’t kill you” she said demurely. I remembered that if a daemon said ‘I promise’ then it was actually binding. “Promise!” I said. “Fine…I promise not to kill you” Lyn said, her hands clawing at the sphere of air she was unable to pass, “Now let me out of here or banish me! I can’t stand circles of protection!” I smudged the lines and she jumped out, going straight for me. Her body bowled me over, slamming me into the bed and her face was huge in my vision, eyes burning, teeth flashing. “You” I gasped as her hands grasped my throat, “promised”

“I did” Lyn purred, “This…won’t hurt. Now open your mouth” I forced my mouth open, hoping she would get off me. Lyn kissed me, her lips bringing a fire into my chest, a burning desire to f— and f— and f— until I died of exhaustion. Then Lyn was gone, a weight suddenly gone from my chest. “Lyn?” I asked, wondering if I had been dreaming. “I’m still here, honey” Lyn’s voice purred in my head, “It’s been a long time sense I’ve been along for the ride like this” “You…You’re possessing In me?” I asked, moving my hands. They moved, so it meant I had some control. “Yes and no” Lyn said, “Turn around” I turned around and saw my mirror. Next to me was Lyn. She laid her hands on my shoulders and kissed my ear. I felt both of them, but when I looked to her she was not there. “I’m here…but not, at the same time. Most images have familiar of sorts. But dragons, nymphs, elves…they don’t know how to have some fun like I do” The way she said ‘fun’ made my cock leap in my pants. “Now” Lyn murmured, “Lets pay back Billy.”

[Final Comment: Is it possible that the priests described in Ezek 8 were communicating with demons in this same way? I think that it is very possible. And also for them to believe that these demons were actually sent from “God” or to them “Yahweh.” This is how deceived they had become….possessed by the devil but believing it is a good thing and that it is from the true God. This is why Jesus said to the Jews of His day… “You are of your father, the devil…(although you do not realize it) and the works of him you will do…” John 8:44. This is a warning to every person who has the intelligence to read and understand these plain words. So, how can we know the difference between the true Father & the false one? In the above story notice what the motive was for this young man to summon this demon whom he knew was a demon, although he may not have studied religion or read the Bible or even prayed….his spirit was seeking “revenge” which is always of the spirit of Satan. “Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His.” Rom 8:9. And this demon was willing to help him to reek revenge on his enemy and also give him sexual pleasure as an added benefit which he testified he could sense and feel moving in his body, a demon of sexual lust. These were clear indications that this spirit he had summoned was not of the true God. But this young did not know God or the Spirit of Christ so he will have to learn the hard way and hopefully after he is almost killed by this female demon spirit who has not conscience.

Our only protection is to surrender our hearts and minds so fully that only the Father, through Jesus can possess our hearts and minds and communicate to us. This is my prayer for you as well as for myself. Your friend, Pastor Mike. Isn’t Jesus Wonderful!


In order to confirm that there actually are female beings and messengers, human or demonic, I will now share with you a story from the book: “The Satan Seller” which was published in 1972 and according to the author, Mike Warnke, sold 3 million copies. It caused a stir and woke up many among the Christian community throughout the USA and some foreign countries. He became a popular speaker mixing in the late 70’s and through the 80’s mixing comedy with Bible quotes and an appeal to renounce Satan and follow Jesus. Due to scandal from his affairs, leading to divorce and remarriage his popularity has waned, yet he still fills speaking appointments upon request. In his current web site www.mikewarnke.com he answers frequently asked questions. The impact of the message of his book exposing witch craft caused a backlash of criticism and articles intended to expose him as a fraud. I will let each reader decide for himself. In the 80’s I attended at least one of his meetings and listened to his tapes. Personally, I believe what he wrote and exposed in his book must have been a threat to Satan’s kingdom, otherwise, why would there be such a reaction and desire to discredit him.

Here is a quote from his book that is similar to other stories of how people and demons could manifest or appear and disappear in person. And how demons resent being used and can and do hurt those who get involved with them. Here is an account from Luke in Acts which confirms this. “Then some of the itinerant Jewish exorcists took it upon themselves to call the name of the Lord Jesus over those who had evil spirits, saying, ‘We exorcize you by the Jesus whom Paul preaches.’ Also there were seven sons of Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, who did so. And the evil spirit answered and said, ‘Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?’ Then the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, overpowered them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded. This became known both to all Jews and Greeks dwelling in Ephesus; and fear fell on them all, and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified. And many who had believed came confessing and telling their deeds. Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted up the value of them, and it totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver. So the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed.” Acts 19:13-19. The rest of the chapter to v 41 tells about a riot that occurred in the city of Ephesus because of the loss of business in the sale of silver shrines of the goddess Diana, the Queen of heaven who was worshiped throughout all of Asia. Here now is a quote from the book, “The Satan Seller.”

“A night or two later, about midnight, I was sitting on the couch with a fat book on formulas and incantations when–flash!–this chick materialized in the middle of my living room. I knew my door was bolted! My book turned somersaults to the floor, and I sat there frozen as solid as ice, my jaw almost touching the floor. I felt like a block of ice. I have a message for you. Char says it’s on for Saturday afternoon.” I did not recognize the chick, except that I knew she was for real. I was not high; I was not hallucinating or flashing back. I fervently wished I was. I had read about astral travel and Eckanakar and knew that they were part of the occult bag, but I had written it off as 99 percent wishful thinking and one percent supernatural phenomena. Now the living proof was standing in the middle of my living room. “Well?” the chick said. “Yeah, yeah. Okay. I got the message,” I replied. She seemed satisfied. Then, zap!–she was gone, just like that.” Page 87. Was this astral travel of a human woman or a female demon? It sounds like he thought it was a real live person being able to travel by “thought vibration” or “astral travel,” as he called it.

In the first part of the book he tells about the rituals and ceremonies he conducted in which he called on certain demons to do his bidding. “So many people refuse to believe until they see or feel something for themselves. By the time our ceremony was over, any skeptic who could have viewed it would have been made a whole-hearted believer. I was proud of myself for pulling it off without a hitch. As members of the Brotherhood, we probably understood demons better than most people, because we used them to accomplish our evil deeds. Demons are Satan’s helpers, fallen angels who were expelled with him from heaven. They are an invisible presence. You cannot see them, but you soon know they are there. There are legions of demons. No one knows how many. Perhaps some demonologists could name all the commanders of legions of demons, but the rank-and-file outnumber people. Some groups have favorite demons on whom they call again and again to afflict their enemies. The call, ‘Master So-and-So,’ or ‘Master Such-and such,’ and then ask for the favor they have in mind. The demons have to do what they are commanded, but like rebellious children, they resent their obligation to serve you. You have to know the proper way to safely unleash a demon, for they will stomp on you, to put it mildly, if you forget any of the safety measures. In our ceremonies, we called on demons to do almost everything a person’s Satanic-oriented mind could dream up. We had control of a Satanic power, although often demons themselves do their own destructive deeds without our help in directing them. Demons can inflict disease, can possess men, can possess animals, can oppose spiritual growth, can disseminate false doctrine, can torment people, and can be tormented by people. Demons can talk or can cry with a loud voice, using the tongues and lips of humans. They can tell lies and make people believe lies. They can even preach. They can stand, walk, and seek rest when embodied in a human being. They can tell fortunes, make people strip off their clothes, cause suicides, render a person insane, or cause a body to be bowed in affliction. They can cause jealousy, pride, or lust. They can drive a person into despair. Demons seek to inhabit human bodies that they might work out their indescribable lusts and evil longings. They will not willingly leave a human they inhabit. If cast out, they will seek to re-enter the same body, inviting other demons to join them. It is known that as many as two thousand demons inhabited one man.

I had read one case where two jokers had been fooling around and had stood in the wrong part of the circle, with their toes on the pentagram, and the demons had crushed them to death. Their rib cages had caved in like balsa wood under an elephant’s foot. Exactly the same thing had happened to both of them. They were twins in death. I did not want my first meeting to end that way! I went around practicing the words I was supposed to use to get the demon back where it belongs. I also had to make sure the pentagram was freshly painted on the altar stone every week so there would be no break in the lines forming it. If there was a break, a demon could get out, becoming a wild and unfettered demon. That would be dangerous.” pg 67.

Here is one last story to illustrate how a demon can be possess a person without that person even realizing it although others may see the evil resulting manifestation of a demon controlling that person.

Here’s a good illustration of how TV and movie producers have a better understanding of demons and demon possession than many evangelical Christians. This occurred in a script of a sitcom aired during the 1993-94 TV season. The scene takes place in a junior high and the teacher has just given his students a math word problem.

Most of the students struggle to get the answer in the conventional ways: scratching their heads, chewing their pencils, and staring at the problem on the board. However, one female student uses an unusual strategy. She utters an ethereal “Uuhmmmm”, slumps in her seat, and declares she is going to channel an ancient Egyptian mathematician to come and help her solve the problem. In a few seconds she is out of her trance and the teacher checks her paper and declares the answer is correct. When a student sitting behind the channeler taps her on the shoulder to ask how she got the answer, she whirls in her seat, her face transfigured into a mask of hate, and utters a savage, guttural snarl.

This chapter follows in chronological sequence the events John described in Rev 17 regarding the “whore” he saw sitting upon many waters: The word “waters” represents or symbolizes “peoples” and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.” Rev 17:15. So this whore or impure woman is a symbol of the false, counterfeit church of our day, who is called “Babylon” which means “confusion.” Strong’s 894 Hebrew. The Greek is 897, defining Babylon as Tyranny.

What does the expression sitteth or “sitting on many waters (people or nations) actually mean? The NEB reads, “Enthroned above the ocean.” The word enthroned implies a throne in which a monarch is ruling and reigning over all the people whom she controls, which is the whole world. From her own words we see that this whore Queen is not only the epitome (ultimate example) of all that is evil, but she is also arrogant in her self-deception. Listen to what she is saying: “I am a queen on my throne! No mourning for me, no widow”s weeds. Because of this her plagues shall strike her in a single day–pestilence, bereavement, famine, and burning–for mighty is the Lord who has pronounced her doom.” NEB. Rev 18:7. The Bible Commentary is insightful: “7. How much. Measure for measure, the punishment will fit the crime. Her suffering and mourning will be in proportion to her former boasting and dissipation. “Glorified herself, and lived deliciously. The first part of v 7 reads literally, ”so many things have glorified her and made her wanton.” So many things have contributed to her pride and wantonness. Arrogant self-confidence has made her confident of the ultimate success of her plot to obliterate God’s remnant people and to reign supreme over the earth. She is proud of her wealth, popularity, and power. Compare Isa. 47:6-10; Eze. 28:2, 4, 5, 16. “Saying in her heart. Or, “is saying in her mind,” that is, at the time the angel of v. 4 delivers his message of warning, prior to the close of probation, and later, during the sixth plague (see on ch. 17:1). Inordinate conceit has spawned utter confidence in her evil scheme to rule the world. The attempt to deceive others has resulted in absolute self-deception. Not only has she made others ”drunk,” she herself is in a state of intoxication (see on ch. 17:2, 6). “”I sit a queen. Note the present tense, which shows John was seeing into the future that which would happen in this last segment of time, even the last 3 ½½ years of this earth”s history.

The true church is represented in Scripture as a ”chaste virgin” (see on 2 Cor 11:2), Christ”s bride (see on Eph. 5:23-32; cf. On Rev 12:1; 19:7, 8). The great harlot impersonates Christ”s bride before the inhabitants of earth, over whom she claims dominion in His name. But she is a counterfeit ”queen” (cf. Isa 47:6-10). She is a harlot (prostitute) who has never had a legal husband, yet is able to boast of her conquests. Do not the ”kings” and ”great men” of the earth wait upon her (Rev. 18:9, 23)? Are they not captive to her will and dedicated instruments of her nefarious schemes (see on ch. 17:2)”?

All things are from or Out of God, both good & bad.

“And all things are of (from) God, who has reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ, and has given to us the ministry of reconciliation.” 2 Cor 5:18. Through Isaiah the Lord tells us to “”Remember the former things…of long ago. I an God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me. I make know the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say: My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.” Isa 46:9, 10. Furthermore, he says “I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the Lord, do all these things.” Isaiah 45:7. Even the mighty King Nebuchadnezzar added his testimony after he regained his right mind after seven years of insanity. “”And I blessed the Most High (God) and I praised and honored and glorified Him Who lives forever…And He does according to His will in the host of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth, and none can stay His hand or say to Him, What are you doing?”” Dan 4:34-37.

In Rev 4 we see the living creatures and the 24 elders falling prostrate before the throne of the Most High and worshiping Him with long and loud praises and casting their crowns before His throne saying that He is worthy to receive worship. Then in Rev 5:13 John says that he heard every created being in heaven and earth and even under the earth ascribing blessing and honor and majesty, glory, honor and power, etc. to this same Creator. Also in Rev 15:4 John saw “”All nations”” coming to “”pay homage and adoration to You, for your just judgments (Your righteous sentences and deeds) have been made known and displayed. [Ps. 86:9; 10; Jere 10:7).

When I first began to research and write on this topic of the character of God I was surprised, shocked, chagrined and puzzled as to why the Bible writers always held God responsible for all the happenings and events of the earth, good and bad. No matter what happens the Lord stated through His spokesmen the prophets that He was the One who was making it happen. For example, He claimed that He was going to destroy the earth with a flood and Sodom with fire. Then in Isaiah 54:6-9 the Lord compares the trials and afflictions of Israel to the flood and calls His small moment of abandonment or forsaking His people “His wrath.” And in vs 10 He claims that His “covenant of (my) peace” and His kindness will never will never change or be taken away. Furthermore, through David the Lord claims that He “”satisfies the desire of every living thing”” and that the “”Lord is righteous in all His ways, and holy (gracious) in all His works.”” Psalm 145:16, 17.

Because of this loving kindness Paul could say that “”We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”” Rom 8:28. And that nothing can ever separate us from the love of God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ. Vs 35-39. Then he tells us to “”Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”” I Thess 5:16-18. “”Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”” Eph. 5:20.

By doing this we are vindicating and justifying our Heavenly Father before the universe. And with this positive testimony about our Father”s true character of love we are casting our vote in favor of a sentence of acquittal for Him because He is the One who is on trial before the universe. “”For the hour of His judgment (trial) is come.”” Rev 14:6. And we are to be “”His witnesses.”” So, the question we must answer today is, “”What is our testimony about our Heavenly Father today?””

I am sure that someone will now ask me, “Well, does that mean you have changed your mind on the topic of whether God destroys or not?” Not at all. The reason for that is simply because whatever God permits He claims to be doing because He allows it. So, you have to realize there is God”s Perfect Will and His Permissive Will. Everything that happens is not God”s perfect will but nothing can happen to defeat His will.

Isa 45:7 / Eph 4:6 / Rom 3:21 / I Cor 10:11 / Cor 13:7 / 2 Cor 4:2 / 2 Cor 4:2/ 4:18 / 2 Cor 5:18/ I Cor 12:6.

Because of the many problems and afflictions, worries, stress, trauma, pain, sorrow, crying and even death in this life many people, probably, the majority of them, do not believe that a good God could have created this world in the beginning or would keep on allowing it to continue on so long.


“In the annals of human history, the growth of nations, the rise and fall of empires, appear as if dependent on the will and prowess of man; the shaping of events seems, to a great degree, to be determined by his power, ambition, or caprice. But in the word of God the curtain is drawn aside, and we behold, above, behind, and through all the play and counter play of human interest and power and passions, the agencies of the All-merciful One, silently, patiently working out the counsels of His own will.” Prophets and Kings, Page 499, 500. In the next paragraph the author pursues this thought further by quoting Acts 17:24-27 to prove God’s “Divine Purpose” and guiding hand not only in the creation of the nations (including every human life) but in their distribution or location on the planet. In other words, our beautiful and magnificent God has been and still is involved in the year by year, day by day and even the hour by hour and minute by minute activity of every event, every scenario in this earth. He not only controls and limits but shapes and guides events in every realm of life from the cradle to the grave. “Above the distractions of the earth He sits enthroned. All things are open to His Divine survey and from His great calm eternity He orders that which His Providence sees best.” MH 417. This is not the belief of Christianity today. As a result of the false teaching of an angry God the world has been going down here for centuries. But slowly, God is bringing them back to the point where one third of the human race will come to understand the truth about God. See Zech. 13. The final test is coming on the world slow but sure. Are you ready? Do you know, understand and realize what is going on right in front of your eyes? If you don’t pray and ask Jesus to anoint the eyes of your understanding with the heavenly eye salve and He will.

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